Hopefully we’ll all be here a little while longer.

Christie’s Restaurant sign, cowboy shrimp, Houston, Texas (1983)
Photo: John Margolies
Editor Jake Berg challenged anyone to use this pic from a recently released list of Americana photos at the Library of Congress. I happily obliged.

The fine people on this website have once again seen fit to allow me inches (is that how this  still works?) on their websitepaper about the goings on in beer, but online. This column is like beer, but in binary form. Imagine the ones and zeros being put into the boil. Can’t wait to taste the flavors.

On a serious note, there are some significant accusations being lobbed toward NOMA’s Red Bear Brewing. The activist group Freedom Fighters DC used Red Bear as a collection point for supply donations that were supposed to go to protesters who were on the streets during Black Lives Matters protests, following the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minnesota. The group denounced any past relationships with Red Bear and said they have misused supplies meant for them. Red Bear ownership denied knowledge of misusing donations and also posted their own timeline of events with regards to the allegations. They have not posted the results of the call with Freedom Fighters DC, scheduled in the post for Friday, July 17. Also on the 17th, an open letter was posted to Medium on behalf of employees criticizing the response to the pandemic shutdown and accusing ownership of not communicating properly about a purported employee relief fund. Red Bear Brewing has marketed themselves as a socially-conscious brewery, so these accusations carry weight. I hope all parties involved can resolve these conflicts equitably.

On a more positive note, DC Brau has released a collaboration gose with Cape May Brewing. It’s hot as the 7th circle of Dante’s Inferno, so this seems like a fine summer beer to buy. This is not a shitty beer, so don’t put a pickle in it. Or put a pickle in it, fine, SEE IF I CARE. Maybe you can get it at The Brew Shop in Arlington, which is continuing sales.


Barrett Lauer, the dean of DC brewing, has taken over brewing operations at Right Proper. Geoff Lively of Rock Bottom Bethesda will now take over operations at both RB and District Chophouse.

Here’s a running list of bars that have closed in DC over the course of our rolling coronavirus pandemic. On a related note, here’s an article about on what breweries are in best position to survive the pandemic. Also, a lot of bars and entertainment venues are probably going to need a bailout. FYI, The Big Hunt is still closed. 

Need a break from the madness? Read about hallucinogenic beer.

DC’s newest hotspot is… the Kennedy Center. Look, there are lots of good things about the Kennedy Center, but everyone is a boomer now, officially.

OK, Let’s talk about exploding beer. It’s craft beer’s hottest new club, trying to maim or possibly kill your customers. We’ve been over this before, but Boston’s Trillum Brewing, one of the currently most sought after breweries in the ISO:FT forums, raised alarm bells when they appeared to say if their beer explodes, the consumers are to blame for improper storage. They said here they have given cash refunds for cans that were damaged due to package refermentation, which is the proper response. But beer cans should be not get busted from this process from a sought after brewery. Trillium is singled out here because it was their post, but they are far from the only culprits. 

Please, I beg of you, read about Zinnebir before you continue.

Dewey Beer Company is expanding.

The Brewer’s Assocation has received criticism this week about their approach to diversity, the first being their approach to haboring breweries where the ownership has displayed bigoted views, the second is their approach to whom they decide to give a platform to such criticisms. Listen to the podcast linked in the thread. Then consider who they chose as their platform. 

Finally, Stone appears to be at it again, and for the sole purpose of defending their copyright claim against Keystone against a brewery that used the word stone, as part of one word pertaining specifically to the material their building was made out of, in Kentucky.

Stay safe, everyone.