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DC Beer seeks to promote and grow the DC area’s craft beer culture through its locally focused beer website and its tasting and educational events.

Our Mission

We do our best to bring our readers information on the latest events; beer releases; happy hours; brewery, beer bar, and restaurant openings; and profiles of the many great people making the beer scene possible. We also seek to educate people on the various aspects of beer culture like food and beer pairings, the beer brewing process, clubs, tastings, and all the other exciting things going on in this national movement.

In addition to our website which serves as both a way to document the goings-on and growth of the DC beer scene and as a way to promote it to the city and surrounding areas, DC Beer is also an events business that helps local bars and groups host beer-centric events such as tastings and educational classes.

We hope to keep the website going by providing event planning and promotions services to beer-focused bars and restaurants that also want to grow the craft beer scene in DC and its surrounding areas. Beyond that, we offer an extremely focused destination for businesses who want to get their message out to the DC area craft beer drinkers.

Richard Fawal – Publisher

Richard Fawal has loved craft beer since the 1980s, when he moved to Austin and drank his first Shiner Bock (back when it was only available in Texas). An avid if mediocre homebrewer, Richard acquired the rights to DC Beer in 2019 and has been working to promote craft beer in the DMV ever since. He publishes DCBeer.com and produces The DC Beer Show and BeerMe! Radio.

Jacob Berg – Editor

jacob berg

Born in DC and raised in New York City, Jacob (Jake’s) craft beer education began when his dad brought home a 6-pack of Brooklyn Lager in the mid-90s. It was love at first sip, and throughout college he would cheat on Natty Lite and Miller High Life with the occasional Pete’s Wicked, Saranac, and Shipyard. He’s been fortunate enough to live in Maine (Allagash and Shipyard) and Michigan (Bells and Jolly Pumpkin), has visited breweries on four continents, and would love to help you mash in. A Cicerone.org Certified Beer Server, he lives in Brookland with his wife and two sons. Interests include real ale, obscure hops, session beers, pairing beer with food, and the effects of globalization on beer styles. You can reach him on twitter @jacobsberg.

Favorite beers include the Port City lager series, Schlafly Kolsch, Great Lakes Dortmunder, Orval, Cuvee De Ranke, Stillwater Premium, local IPAs and a rotating cast of thousands. 

Michael Stein – Senior Staff Writer

Michael Stein

At some point in his youth, Michael Stein realized there was a fourth option next to the Budweiser, Miller, and Coors tap handles at Ray’s Famous Pizza. It happened to be a Brooklyn Brewery tap handle. Even at his young age, Michael realized that his father had a choice both in Manhattan and Long Island: one of the big three or the beer with the black, white, green, and gold logo. At this time, Brooklyn Lager was still being manufactured as a contract beer by (what is today) F.X. Matt Brewing Company in Utica, NY. While attending college in Central Pennsylvania, Michael was happy to find that Yuengling was hands-down tastier than any of the other lagers he typically quaffed by the caseload. During a semester “abroad” in DC, he discovered the Brickskeller and the then-burgeoning DC Beer scene. He returned to Pennsylvania with a newfound passion, visited the Troegs Brewery, and frequented the anomaly that is the Selinsgrove Brewpub. After school, Michael spent a summer in Annapolis discovering Heavy Seas, DuClaw, and Oliver Ales. He moved to Arlington, submitted entries to homebrew contests as a member of the DC Homebrewers and watched the DC Beer scene come of age to be the powerhouse it is today.

Michael’s current local favorites include DC Brau, Mad Fox Brewing Company (RIP), the Lost Rhino Brewing Company, Evolution, Stillwater, Port City, and 3 Stars. His further favorites include Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, Russian River, The Lost Abbey, Avery, Odell, Hair of the Dog, and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. His foreign shore favorites include d’Achouffe, Mikkeller, Saison Dupont, Meantime, De Proef, and Orval.

Brandy Nicole Holder – Podcaster, Instagrammer, Party Starter


NC born and raised, this southern girl got a late start in the beer world after not quite finding her gateway beer after many, many years of trying to like big Belgians her then-partner enjoyed. But, as luck may have it, she happened to order a flight of her own choosing at a brewery in PA, and just like that, her beer journey began. That random IPA flight was just the ticket she needed to explore the beer world, and now she likes it all. With a name like Brandy and the bold and intoxicating personality behind the name, booze was destined to be a part of her endeavors. After spending six years at DC’s first distillery, wearing many hats and doing everything but the actual distilling, she met our publisher, Richard Fawal, during DC Beer Week 2019. Becoming instant friends is one of the best things that has happened to her in YEARS. Most of her friends are beer people, so this is just the absolute perfect place for her.

You can find Brandy wearing vintage clothes, scrolling Instagram, swooning over vintage furniture, or at her neighborhood brewery…shoutout to Hellbender! She is the opposite of shy, so if you see her, go up and say hi.
Brandy’s favorite styles are Brown Ales (Grampus, Hellbender), Smoked Beers (Port City Rauch Marzen), IPAs (non-hazy please), Stouts (Tall, Dark & Nutty, Red Bear) and crisp, refreshing lagers (shout out to Mike Stein). 

Bill DeBaun – Editor Emeritus

Bill DeBaun

Bill has been writing for DCBeer since 2010. Originally a doe-eyed novice who thought beer came from the natural healing powers of Ents, he slowly grew into an editor role where his love for the Oxford comma made him the staff grammar pedant. He has often said that the beer got him into this scene but the people kept him in it; the community and camaraderie evident at everything from beer tastings and events to just stopping into your local after work is what keeps him coming back week after week to check out draft lists, cover brewery openings, and snark about damn near anything and everything on Twitter (you can find him at @DCBeerBill or email him at bill(at)dcbeer(dot)com).

Favorite Beers/Ciders: District Chophouse Nut Brown Ale, Bell’s Two Hearted, Bluejacket Lost Weekend, Port City Optimal Wit, 3 Stars Pounding Trees, Union Old Pro Gose and Duckpin Pale Ale, Right Proper Kick.Kick.Snare, Crispin Brownslane. He’s not picky, but no quads, thanks.

Chris Van Orden – Editor Emeritus

Chris Van Orden

While his native North Jersey will always hold a dear place in his heart, Chris gives Philadelphia all the credit for his craft beer conversion. During his six plus years in the City of Brotherly Love, his book-learning was supplemented by extracurricular schooling from the local powerhouses: Victory, Yards, Weyerbacher, Sly Fox, Nodding Head, Dock Street, Monk’s, Jose Pistola’s, SPTR, the list could really go on for quite some time. He made his way to DC in 2008, fell in with a cadre of like-minded enthusiasts, and now makes beer pilgrimages on a regular basis with his loving, indulging wife. Chris has moved on to greener (and beerier) pastures and works for Port City Brewing Company, but he still tweets from @csvanorden.

His favorite beers include: Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout, Cantillon Vigneronne, fresh Reissdorf Kolsch, Weyerbacher Double Simcoe, Deschutes Black Butte Porter, Saison Dupont, Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortel, Troegs Mad Elf, La Chouffe, Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza, and Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black.

Andrew Nations – Editor Emeritus

Andrew Nations

Sometime around my early college years I realized there was more out there than Bud Light. Growing up in Louisiana, I wasn’t exposed to the craft beer scene as early as some but was still familiar with the likes of Abita and nearby Shiner. I credit a good bit of my taste and desire to learn more to my father who once explained to me what craft, then called micro, was all about. After that, I moved to Washington, DC allowing for this lifestyle, disguised as a hobby, to develop further than I ever imagined. Now I am a co-founder of Great Raft Brewing in Shreveport, Louisiana, where I now reside. Zum Wohl!

Favorite beers: Bell’s Two Hearted, Three Floyds Gumball Head, Mad Fox Kolsch, Boulevard Saison Brett