It’s another addition of Screaming into the Void. I am your host, Screaming. Isn’t that what we do now, everyone is just named after their online names? It is October, I guess, and that name is kind of spooky, but when you add Void to it, it’s just depressing.

Anyway, welcome, it’s time to beer on this award-winning beer website (thanks Phil Runco, read the award-winning piece here.)

Do you want to buy a brewery? Well there’s a pretty good turnkey operation, branding and all, currently available via a motivated seller. You may have heard of them before, or seen them from the WMATA red line tracks. To be frank, this is a bad time to get financing on anything, but considering the going rate is in the very low seven-figures, you may qualify more than you’d think. But act now! It’s all going to auction on October 19 if you don’t get on board. 

Beer is out of gas. I bet you didn’t know one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide was an extinct volcano outside of Jackson, MS did you? Well you do now! Don’t ever let anybody tell you didn’t learn anything by reading the Void. The CO2 shortage, mentioned here last month, is causing brewers to cut back or shutter entirely. The already taxed industry is experiencing another setback. Give your local brewer a hug and also as much money as you can muster.

OK, I got the bad news out of the way, let’s move along to something more positive. Leading source of beer news Axios (???) has two links in the Void this week, and this one is about Latinas who are pushing boundaries in the industry for who gets to own and make the products. Their ownership is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. You can see some of the entrepreneurs mentioned here in the article right here in Washington, DC October 14. Tickets in the link.


Sushi Taro is serving City State beer, the first American brewery sold at the restaurant.

And now it’s time for another addition of “don’t do this at bars,” brought to you by people who know how to act at bars. 

Hey, you know those people you’re complaining about here? They’re the reasons bars exist as third spaces and are as good as they are. When you’re making an ass out of yourself, the only thing you’re doing is making those people’s lives more difficult, and the evenings of everyone around you less enjoyable. More on this in this thread.

[TW: the next section will contain references to suicide]

Following recent deaths in the brewing community, one by suicide and the other related to mental health, 13 Loudoun County brewers collaborated on a beer to raise money for suicide prevention. 

Pellicle has the story of a very, very old ale, parts of it perhaps dating back 100 years, that is finally being brewed once again in England. The story is here, which also includes the unfortunate suicide of the original brewery’s head brewer in 1922.

After that, have a little Orval glass.

I hope bars in DC that carry Orval are ready for me asking for this. Get your baby Orval glasses on order.

Long-time readers of DC Beer know the general crew around here enjoys lagers. That includes the venerable slow pour, a multi-step process popularized by Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Colorado, which gives the beer a creamy head, tons of readily-present aroma, and a softness of flavor. Give the piece a read.

In other Colorado, but unfortunate news, the sour beer purveyor Black Project closed its doors. I was able to have a couple of their beers during SAVOR weeks in the past and always enjoyed them. 

Finally, the FDA is wary of approving CBD for beverages, something big brewers want, and small breweries might want, too. Don’t forget, the Void is published monthly, but exists forever. You’re here, in it now, online. Feel the Void. Be one with the Void. Until next time.