Greetings, Voidlings in quarantine/stay-at-home/whatever you want to call this…thing we’re all doing. We’re staying at home most of the time and the bars are closed. That’s as close to quarantine as I can get. You’re here and you’re a captive audience for this blog and that’s what’s really important.

Let’s start off with the DC Beer links of the week. Do you want beer delivered? Great news! You can do that now if you didn’t already know. Tell a friend. I’m also not sure if you heard, but, the establishments in which we had previously drunk our alcohol aren’t doing well. These new openings and policies are all window-dressing, buying these places another couple of weeks of income with mass layoffs. So order some booze and make your stimulus money work, if you can. If you’re noticing a trend at the top of the Void, this is the second straight week I’ve made this request, so you know it’s getting bad out there. 

How bad? It’s very bad, and if Georgia, a state which has “reopened”, is any indication, it will not get better rushing back into opening. And even when we somewhat safely reopen, things will not be the same. Barred in DC has a running list of reopening criteria statewide.

At least some establishments are having fun with impending restrictions. We here at the Void encourage dark humor in times of crisis, as always.

Yeah. You and me both. There is a local angle to the BierMi delivery app many of us use. Rockville, MD’s True Respite created the app being used nationwide, and Fast Company talked about its conception. These sorts of innovations are important, because breweries are dumping kegs left and right, and need to get as much beer out in different vessels as possible. True Respite is also doing an interesting experiment with beer and its dehydration problem.


Another ongoing issue, though area establishments have largely, though not totally, avoided it, is cases of coronavirus among staff. The most prominent one I heard about was Virginia’s Meridian Pint, which will reopen soon after a staff member got sick and self-isolated weeks ago, then tested positive. 

It is not just bars seeing a downturn. The Brewer’s Association laid off nearly a quarter of their staff.

We need a break. Here’s an Athletic article, for those that subscribe, about Dock Ellis, and the day he threw at every batter he faced. He is one of the better characters in all of sports, and for so much more than his allegedly acid-induced no-hitter. And if you’re more into watching than reading, check out this documentary.

Finally some good news in the area, The Veil’s new development outpost is taking shape in Southside Richmond.

This post is for true nerds only.

Finally, it’s all fun and games here, but we must remember that during this crisis, when drinking at home and in larger quantities than we might be used to, we must remain vigilant in our self-awareness, lest we fall into the all-to-easy trap of alcoholism, and always work to protect those that work.

Good beer drinking, everyone, and have a great week.