tweeting into the void

Hello Voidlings

…which is a name I’m giving all of you, readers, even if this is your first time looking over a Void. It’s been far too long since one of these here Voids appeared online.

First things first, Phil Runco has the rundown on the month’s best events as usual, but this far from all of them. You see, May is Savor month, and the week Savor comes to town, all the participating breweries bring more beer than they can serve to town and give it local bars, who then pour ABSURD beers for your enjoyment over the course of a few consecutive evenings. Yes, Savor is already sold out, so if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, this will be your chance to have a few of the breweries in town that you’ve wanted to taste. Our calendar is quickly populating. Stay tuned. And also once you get done looking at Phil’s monthly picks, read him on Allagash, too.

Also, head on over to Small Steins with Michael Stein to get the low down on beers you can have a few of without feeling bad the next morning. We’re all about content here on DC Beer Dot Com these days.

Haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet? Well, too bad, but there won’t be any spoilers here, unless you think the fact that a couple craft beers featured prominently in the movie is a spoiler of some sort. Here’s the story behind how craft beers ended up in Thor’s hand. Spoiler: Thor drinks beer. Also, hurry up and see the movie all ready, your friends probably hate that they can’t talk to you about it. Tell them to pay for a sitter and get going.

Our Editor Emeritus Bill is in Paris and found some local beer on tap.


This has been your update on Editor Emeritus Bill.

Ordinarily I save my long reads of the week until the end, but this read on Croatia’s rising beer scene is good enough to come earlier. It’s a great read, especially if you’re thinking of heading over to see the sights anytime soon. This read on Sierra Nevada’s efforts to help fire recovery is equally worth your time. I have given you your commute reads for the next week, you can all thank me via Twitter.

Don’t all thank me at once for showing you this video either. It’s a dramatization of the modern American brewing process, trust me.

While you’re on Twitter, take a look at this thread of amazing beer label basketball jerseys. I hope the breweries see this and start making a few of these. Also, a certain DC favorite athlete visited the newly-opened Walter’s sports bar in Navy Yard to pour himself some beer. You better be careful he just doesn’t open a tap and drink an entire keg. Fun fact: he recently claimed he’s never been hungover. I will not be questioning his truthfulness at this time, thanks.

Dr. J (The Beer One) has some comments on what it takes to increase inclusion and diversity in craft beer.

In things maybe no one asked for, Pumking is coming in 16 ounce nitro cans, and if the regular schedule is any indication they should already be in stores right now, just in time for…. Halloween. Terrapin is releasing a Brut IPA in collaboration with Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers meets The Champagne of Styles.

Big changes are coming to a big beer seller, a chain wing-related restaurant near you. And perhaps the reason those changes are coming is in the data.

Happy Monday to you, and if you’re reading this after Monday, good for you, it’s not Monday anymore, so your week is already better. Until next time.