Screaming Into The Void was on vacation, drinking beer and taking in the sights in the San Diego, but has now returned much to your chagrin. Going through this week’s material, it became clear it was going to be quite something. As always, the local news comes first.

If you’re only going to read one thing from this week’s Void, read this, a profile of the accessibility of area restaurants and drinking spots. It’s not great. But many spots come out looking good, particularly the new Red Bear Brewing. But all eating and drinking establishments could do more to make life easier for those who need accommodations, and as this article says, the effort required to do so is often not a lot to ask of a business owner.

Here is a list of events to attend this month, from Phil Runco. I understand if you don’t attend every single one of them, he will get angry, and you don’t want to see him angry, so I’d suggest you clear your schedules.

Our very own DC Beer Show talks to the head of the DC Brewers Guild who has details on events in the area and their efforts to make it easy for everyone who makes and drinks beer to make it and drink it.


Do you like beer AND heavy metal music? Might I direct your attention to Atlas Brewing, and their list of music and beer pairings. Personally, I just drink barleywines and listen to smooth jazz, so you do you I guess.

3 Stars Brewing got a new tank, and you know what that means? More beer.

The Smithsonian’s own beer historian, Theresa McCulla, chronicles her progress toward her goals over the past two years in her position.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office interviewed Bill and Karen Butcher, founders of Port City Brewing, about the future of beer in regards to intellectual property. We all see the results of this problem in the industry, with lawsuits abound, and the future seems like it will only have more of this type of friction, not less.

The Maryland General Assembly finally did something good for their craft breweries, Liz Murphy writes.

Also, Flying Dog did a bad tweet for April Fools’ Day.

Bad Dog! Go sit in the corner until you’ve thought about what you’ve done.

New Silver Spring brewery Silver Branch will soon release their anticipated pilsener which will be available on an actual beer tower.

It has been a week for a legacy breweries. First, Greg Koch of Stone Brewing does his best Joe Biden impression and says he’s not sorry for the gross things he admits he tweeted last year from a company account. Then, he writes a bitter, snark-filled essay about the closure of Stone Berlin and its transfer to Brew Dog, another brewery familiar with stubbing its toe in public. And Avery Brewing, struggling with debt and falling sales in their home state of Colorado, sells off a 40% share of the company to Mahou San Miguel and Founders, on top of the 30% they had already sold to Mahou a couple of years ago. Potentially related, the BA said breweries are growing at their slowest rate in a decade.

The beer industry is changing and women lobbyists are a part of that. Also, women drinkers are a part of that. This article on women’s bottle shares is also a prime example of why there needs to continue to be more diversity in all aspects of brewing and drinking.

And while we’re on the subject of beer bros being a less than welcoming crowd to some types of drinkers, let’s also talk about ways to stop app-driven group-think toward beer preferences. And maybe drink some flagship beers on this and every following Friday.

Wait, wait, we’ve got one more bad tweet on this subject. Hang on.

Theerrrrreee we go. Now we’ve officially reached this week’s singularity in beer.

In probably the most openly ironic pairing of articles I could imagine coming out in the same week, the millennial generation is drinking less because hey, Wednesday night ragers aren’t all that fun anymore after 30, and, a new study says proximity to a craft brewery may increase home prices. Hmmmmmm.


A new award for brewing quality beer exists with the backing of experts in Europe, and that group has given 27 breweries the Slow Brewing seal of approval to launch its efforts.

Finally, here are some beers to drink this spring, including a relaunched Pacific Northwest favorite and a unique opportunity to make some beer at a brewery.

I hope you all have some good beers today. It doesn’t matter what day you’re reading this. Drink what you like, or don’t, and wait until there’s a better time. Don’t stress. Screaming Into The Void will be back soon and it’ll bring some Arby’s.