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DC Brau’s New Flagship Hazy IPA Launches Tonight at Moreland’s Tavern

Last month, we brought you the news that DC Brau is making a major change to its lineup of flagship beers. The Citizen, a Belgian-style ale that has been part of the rotation since the brewery’s launch in 2011, is being put on hiatus in favor of Joint Resolution, a new hazy IPA. Tonight that IPA launches at Moreland’s Tavern (5501 14th Street NW).

A listing for the event notes, ” Beer will be flowing upstairs from 6pm-Close and the DC Brau Brewers will be on site giving out swag and prizes.Don’t miss your chance to be the first to try this exciting new brew.”

The brewery says the beer is a ” very quaffable Hazy offering that will hit on all the notes hop heads are looking for” and adds, “We’ve kept the ABV on the lower side so the hops can play more of a starring roll in this ale.”

For those of you that get all jazzed up about this kind of thing, the technical description says, “A high protein and dextrin-laden malt bill will provide the perfect stage for aromatic, terpene-laden hops. Amarillo, MI Copper, MI Chinook, Mosaic and Falconer’s Flight will contribute flavors akin to Hawaiian Fruit Punch, Mango, Orange, Tangerine and Cannabis flower. Overtones of citrus and resin will also permeate throughout.”

The shake-up is a big one not just because of Citizen’s tenure in the lineup but also because it’s another confirmation (on top of a mountain of them) that hops are here to stay. The DC Brau lineup now boasts three hoppy offerings in The Public pale ale, The Corruption IPA, and now Joint Resolution.

Our Jake Berg thinks this is a smart move. “[The Citizen] was out of step with current trends, and was a proverbial ‘odd man out’ among Brau’s hop-forward core offerings… It can be easy to take DC Brau for granted as the first production brewery since Prohibition in Washington, D.C. Good on them for being thoughtful about catering to consumers’ needs.”

Interested in trying the new addition?:

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1 comment

Garrett Peck March 14, 2019 at 10:18 am

Looking forward to trying this new flagship.

One quick correction on Jake Berg’s comment: DC Brau was actually the first product brewery in DC since 1956, when the Christian Heurich Brewing Co. shut down. Heurich had reopened after Prohibition.


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