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I have a Void in my life and it’s… money. I am a federal employee as I said in our last Void edition, and I have worked without pay for what is now going on 5 weeks. Atlas Brewing had a beer delayed due to keg collar approval, but they're also suing for damages. And it's not just existing breweries or breweries in DC feeling the pinch. We here at DC Beer say, if you can, to make the best of it and go find a local establishment you enjoy and spend a little extra.

Senator Mark Warner used the shutdown as an opportunity to talk to area feds furloughed, buy them beers and, of course, to day drink. Bill Butcher of Port City tells him, within that thread, that the TTB being shutdown has put their first 4 months of the brewing schedule in limbo.

At least state governments still appear to be working, as soon it will get easier to find a happy hour in Virginia.

What’s a beer that tastes like this shutdown? I’ve got it:


I saw this and cackled when I got to mustard seed and it just got worse from there. Honestly, everything is awful is a good synopsis.

Let's go back to Virginia. The long awaited expansion of Aslin, to keep those lines short, will happen a short drive from Port City. That is, of course, if the government ever reopens.

There are lots and lots of deals in the meantime both to make people feel normal while they’re not getting paychecks and to get people in who have actual money to spend to spend it alongside the feds who are furloughed. Keep the economy afloat and do your part.

In a world where breweries need to get ahead of the curve, the fact the Firestone is doing this beer is certainly indicative of the larger trend.

As was mentioned in the last edition of the Void, Charlie Papazian said goodbye to the BA.

A couple good pieces over at Good Beer Hunting, first on the struggles to create clear workplace harassment policies and craft brewers acting like Big Beer when it comes to cider.

Popular British brewery Fuller’s is being sold to Asahi for £250 million.

Finally, everything isn’t so bad. This is happening.