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We have quite a week approaching in DC, as Memorial Day weekend coincides with SAVOR. Please keep updated on your drinking needs on The DC BEER DOT COM CALENDAR and our rolling SAVOR previews as they’re released. We have a few on the site already. Please also see our official rankings below:

And there’s some good news for after SAVOR, when your hangovers are still freshly quelched, as the World Cup will begin and have games all day for weeks on end. DC has now codified into law the ability to stay open until 4am during those weeks and during the MLB All-Star Game in July.

*taps mic* …goal.

DC Homebrewers have experimented with adjuncts in beer like rye and corn and oats, in an attempt to see just what they did to the same beer.


Thrillist conducted an interview with the new BA Diversity Ambassador, Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, about a wide range of topics related to her new job. Maybe soon we’ll be seeing more of stuff like this in craft beer bars:

Anyone thumbing their nose at this who’s drank an exploding fruited gose or a lacto-laden-NEIPA, please see yourselves to the door, it’s to the left of the Void, thank you.

In a shocking development, Germany agrees with the Void and ruled that beer is poison. Relatedly, Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead says the industry as a whole needs to talk about mental health more openly. Also, if you are interested in tempering yourself a bit and finding out exactly what the nutritional info for the beer you’re drinking is, the BA and the FDA have you covered.

But wait! There’s more health-related beer content! In a 3-part series, Bryan Roth explores the growing world of gluten-reduced beers.

There’s a beer fest in DC this weekend, BREAKING NEWS, but Fritz Hahn noticed something interesting:

We have two more reviews this week of the new book chronicling the story and sale of Goose Island from Jeff Alworth and Paste Magazine. Take a read and buy the book, preferable for a small, local bookseller.

What is cider? Well, besides the obvious. Take a read. Ever wonder why the good beer bars spray your glass with water before they pull the tap? Wonder no more. The internet, it just has an answer to everything! (it’s still bad tho)

Finally, read the story of how a single pub saved PBR. And how competitors have beaten them at their own marketing. But always remember that beers like PBR go well with certain foods.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Don’t work too hard.