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Say that tweet, but to the tune of Depeche Mode.

Good day to everyone, but especially to Wisconsin, who, yes, might have a problem. Now you know why, despite only distributing to one state, New Glarus has to make so much beer.

Savor is coming. Gird your loins, and preview the breweries as we release them on DC Beer dot com.

Port City brewed a tripel and as with anything Port City brews, you should drink it. They're releasing it tonight, May 18th, at the brewery, but if you miss that, they’re having a release at Granville Moore’s on the 23rd. And if you’re reading this from the future, please see the most current Void, thanks.


The men behind Silver Branch brewery-in-planning in Silver Spring went on the Of a Peculiar Character podcast to talk about how they’re progressing. Also, check out some other things worth drinking in the area, including:

Supposedly, this is a gose. It looks more like an actual latte and I’m probably being nice. I cannot imagine how or in what universe this beer classifies as a gose, but I am not a beer expert, just a humble drinker. Anyway, that’s not all Adroit Theory is releasing, so go drink it or something. Semi-related, here is what to do and not to do when sending back a beer at a bar. That is also useful advice when your beer ends up hazy but its not supposed to be:

The Baltimore Ravens are lowering concession prices. That’s right, you can now buy a 12 ounce beer for $5 at an NFL game. I don’t even know what to say. I hope this becomes a trend, but I know it won’t.

Larry Koestler points out OG NEIPA brewer Trillium, even in the middle of massive success, has to adjust to a changing landscape. The hazy train isn’t slowing down, because neighbors Tree House are adding a massive new expansion to their brewery and Ommegang are releasing a NEIPA of their own. Some trend. I’m sure it’ll stop sometime. After all, all these people who don’t search for cult classic beers anymore have to drink something.

Here is a funny thread of beer sampling notes. Someone should bring them some of Adroit Theory’s gose. Here is another thread of insightful criticism of Stone’s Greg Koch and his most recent statements on the beer industry. Maybe everyone needs to have some paltry sense of self-awareness?

Speaking of self-awareness, Jeff Alworth takes a look in the mirror and sees writing as a business where if you get in too deep, you may not be able to dig yourself out again.

The BA has launched a point-of-sale program related to their new Independent Craft Beer branding. Regardless of what you think of the seal, point-of-sale education is the next bridge to build in the industry. Now we just need stores to keep DIPAs refrigerated and stocks turned over. One can dream. Also, Pete Coors seems mad. Maybe it’s because he raised money for Donald Trump and now has a little buyer's remorse?

Two HBCU alums are opening a beer garden in Harlem.

Bryan Roth has a new series on GBH about how craft beer is evolving. my personal favorite is part 2, about Three Floyds going international, but give a read to all of them.

Finally, New Belgium is releasing a special 20th anniversary edition of La Folie. Try to get your hands on something.

The Void wrap will return when it feels like it, but always remember the Void never fully goes away. See you online.