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I hope your St. Patrick’s Day was as good as the one MoShow and his cat, Ravioli, had.

OK. Mr. Unipiper, sir, the loud noises have to stop now because it’s Monday and everyone has been hungover for two days and counting.

I don’t have any context or witty phrase that will make this video any funnier than it is. If you’re wondering, this is the madness that is Hunuphu’s Day at Cigar City. This is how to not manage a release.

Bad news, the Belgians have angered the monks. The black market for this beer has always and will always be robust, but they do as good of a job as they can in controlling it, as they don’t have people running toward their monastery like a herd. But these things, unfortunately, happen.


While I have your attention early in the Void before you get sucked into the abyss, there is a diversity beer writing grant; you should apply for it you meet the qualifications.

The annual cherry blossom homebrew competition, an area favorite, is now open.

Mere weeks after closing this Shirlington location, Capitol City Brewing Company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. More on what this will mean soon, for those that can’t log in to this particular page.

Maryland's beer industry is losing out to Virginia's because the legislature wants it to. But don’t worry, I guess, because you can taste Guinness's collaboration pale ale for Maryland made with local ingredients. Curb your enthusiasm. But construction continues on schedule at Silver Spring's Astro Lab Brewing.

Pale Fire Brewing launches this week in DC. Hear from their founder.

In distillery news, it was recently discovered that a large investment into Joseph A. Magnus from Betsy Devos had been hiding in plain sight. People do not seem happy about this.

Hear from DC Beer gadfly Aaron Morrissey on Full Service Radio, talking about the industry.

There are lots of beer brackets and competitions out there for March Madness. Here is a unique one, from Port City, of course.

And now, you’re weekly update on sexism watch. Still there! Who knew. But advances are being made.

Beervana analyzes the most recent list of largest breweries.

Breweries are experimenting with wild yeast and drinkers are seeing the benefit of more unique flavors.

The Wall Street Journal writes about how the younger generation has fun differently than others and quotes Sam Caligione with his attempt to cash in.

If you want to drink on the cheap every now and then, here's the list for you. How bad do some of these beers have to be for a beer described as tasting like “paint thinner and Jolly Ranchers” outranked 4 of them? Find out inside!

This week’s long read is about running a long way for beer.


The Void is really just the friends we made along the way. See you next time.