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Welcome back to the Void. Just a reminder that even though the Void has been absent in print, it is still present in your lives. I don’t know if you heard, but there is a sporting event going on of interest to some people, including me. And, apparently, I made an appearance there in Canadian form.

This was also me, at home, watching curling.

First, we’ve got some big local news. Denizens Brewing co-owner Julie Verratti has announced she will join Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alec Ross's ticket as his Lieutenant Governor candidate. Naptown Pint interviewed Ross and Veratti on this and other issues. She is no stranger to the political arena, having extensive policy experience and wrangling to get local beer laws changed since Denizens was a mere concept. And her fight in Maryland has, clearly, only begun, as the legislature takes up more unpopular policy prescriptions with the industry. We here at the Void are always quick to remind you there are politics in your beer and, full disclosure, your Void columnist is indeed a Maryland voter with a stake in this news. Whether one agrees or not with the overall platform of Ross, Verratti’s elevated presence in Maryland politics can only be a positive overall. We wish her the best.

In less good local news, Handsome Beer Company is no more


And, it would not be a Void without mentioning that, despite a recent lurch toward industry awareness of the issue, craft beer still has a sexism problem. Not surprisingly, it also has an overall diversity problem. And no brewery, no matter how venerated, is immune. But, maybe there are enough good people in the industry with an eye toward this now that we’re seeing the beginning of a trickling spring toward a river of change.

Taste the feels. Drink the ennui.

Since you need a break here is, for no reason in particular, a Murphy’s stout commercial that is an anime.

Let’s move on to more positive news and another continued craft beer theme: canned beer. What a revolution. I know we all like talking about it. Anyway, Bluejacket canning beer means you can get more of it for home consumption, so this is good news for your FACE HOLE.

Speaking of home consumption, we here at DC Beer want to make sure you fully utilize your resources that give your FACE HOLE what it craves, so here is some advice on how to get the most out of your local bottle shop. I’m sorry to say this involves talking to people. But don’t worry! You’re only talking about beer. Take a deep breath and dive in.

Also, DC Beer’s Greg Parnas talked to the owners of Western Maryland’s own Cushwa Brewery, which is bringing Washington County desperately needed craft beer.

Pour one out for an old Golden Triangle stalwart.

In case you needed more motivation to take a beer-cation to Richmond, here is yet another glowing article on Mekong.

There is no shortage of the things that people think craft beer can do. Can it help the middle class?  Can it help you post workout? It’s amazing, a beverage that’s current purpose involves getting you drunk can do so many things. Never forget, however, that beer is poison.

Britain’s Fuller’s brewery has acquired Dark Star Brewing.

3 Floyds is finally expanding in the US.

Finally, as a person who likes a good Czech beer but often favors beer with dark, roasty flavors, I am happy to see there exists one that fits both categories as an unsung signature of the city’s scene.