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Hello to all my readers and to the Nationals fans currently reading



Want some coffee beer? The only way that game can be washed away is chasing uppers with downers.


Here. Have a cat to help.

Sorry. So sorry. But fear not. The Void is here to envelope you in its existential nothingness. Maybe you’d prefer something lighter to start, like a Gruit? Perhaps a historic DC Lager? Just take it slowly. It’ll all be fine eventually.

Congrats to the Inn at Little Washington for being named Tom Siestema’s Restaurant of the Year. Great place. There’s just one problem:

I regret to inform you that Siestema is at it again. Look, the Inn deserves all the praise it gets, but if we’re going to name a best restaurant in DC, can we at least have it within, I don’t know, 30 minutes of the city? 15 minutes? Is that too much to ask?

Manor Hill, home to Maryland’s best IPA in the Void’s opinion, is having a fall harvest festival. Purchase tickets if that sounds like your thing.

Once again, the Void has to draw attention to stupid behavior by a brewery. To be blunt, it is much easier than breweries would like to admit to not have really offensive names, it's even easier to avoid being an asshole about it.

Much of the news surrounding the wildfires in California have involved wineries, but unfortunately no one has been immune. Here are some breweries and employees hurt by the fires.

Speaking of beer names, challenge AB Inbev at your own risk. Maybe the algorithms will save us (lol). Jeremy Danner has some interesting context on beer names and the risks you run not doing research first:

You’d think with all the built-in risk with name beers you’d avoid landmines when naming them, but what do I know, I’m just a beer writer.


Cascade for…. Less than some nachos in Utah? Utah beer laws are something. This statement brought to you by the fact breweries have to sell some sort of food to sell beer.

The GABF came and went but the hangovers… those are forever. Here's a statistical breakdown of the awards won. Also, there was a proposal this year. No, not a business proposal, the OTHER type of proposal. Things were, as usual, weird. But don’t leave Beervana without reading an interview with Olivier DeDeycker of Brasserie Dupont.

It’s time for the annual beer and Halloween candy pairing articles. I’m fine with this. Please try all of these and buy new pants before Thanksgiving.

Finally, read a history of Anchor Steam Beer.


That’s all the Void for today. Halloween is coming. Beware of nightmares.