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It’s a Monday Void dump for your feeds to brighten your day, ever so slightly, and ease you into a full week of work after summer unofficially ended last week. Labor Day was last Monday, so a hearty welcome back to any college students who are starting a new semester or parents of kids who have an empty house again. Hope you had some beers on ice for the occasion.

Jeff Alworth thanks the people that make the beer you drink, some of whom are underpaid and overworked. Some numbers are too big to ignore. To celebrate the day, AB-Inbev decided to layoff 90% of High End's sales force. I have heard the labor argument for big beer acquisitions before and that argument just got a lot less viable after this news. MillerCoors is, of course, a union shop, so it's a little bit different for them. This issue is one of the issues at the heart of why people do or do not care about beer independence.

Once again, there is debate on reform in Maryland’s liquor laws, this time on whether the state law that prohibits sales in grocery stores should be lifted. In a semi-related post, read up on the three-tier system, why it exists, and what it really means for breweries and their business practices.

While we’re talking about independence, read about the Brewer’s Association’s controversial stance supporting a music bill that has been panned by many artists. As beer gets bigger, its trade associations and business interests will continue to clash with other industries.


New DC Cidery Supreme Core launched at Glen’s Garden Market this weekend. Read a DC Beer interview with its co-founders.

NRG stalwart Zackary Shelton looks for a new gig in New Orleans.

The Salt Line got a great review from Tom Siestema, but there was, once again a problem. Control+F “beer” in the review. You will not be shocked at how many mentions of it there is in an article that reviews a bar that runs well-stocked beer program.

September is a month to drink beer in lots of places locally. Check out BYT and WaPo on where you spend your next few weekends.

If you know of any breweries that offered free beer to Hurricane Irma evacuees or will offer it, let us know.

Young brewery Lord Hobo has sold a minority stake to a private investment firm.

Listen to how beer-brewing monks are helping to rebuild an Italian town devastated by an earthquake.

Finally, in your long-ish read of the week, spend some time drinking in Dublin. The author discovers a life lesson through drinking.

Only the #whalezbro matter.