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The Void feels the need for brevity this week because you have Labor Day plans and need to get to them. So do we.

Get one last happy hour in at Red Apron while you can. The spot is officially closing on Sunday, 9/3. 3-4-5 dies again, once as GBD, now as Red Apron.

Rockville, MD will have a hearing on changing laws to benefit  breweries and distilleries within the city limits on Sept. 11th at 7pm if you’re interested in going.

Take a scroll through the twitter threads contained within. Women in beer writing and brewing discuss the issue of gender representation and how it appears in publications. While we’re on the subject, take a look at why this lack of representation is nothing new.


Virginia’s Heritage Brewing is planning a massive expansion.

Take a look at some beer label art. Soak it in.

Good Beer Hunting looks at the influence of beer writer Michael Jackson, 10 years after his death.

New York is experiencing a craft brewery boom and not a moment too soon. We’ll need all the beer we can get.

Sixpoint has hired Trillium's head brewer. Either find the haze or the haze will find you first.

North Coast has been sued over the name of one of its beers named after Thelonius Monk by Monk’s estate.

What is table beer? It’s beer you put on a  table, dummy, what else could it be?

Finally, Jeff Alworth assesses the magnitude Jim Koch's impact on craft beer. It is not as good as you may think.

Happy non-laboring this long weekend and for those that have to work, make sure to take the time to appreciate the fruits of your labors with a cold one.