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It’s been a rough week. You deserve a beer. Just a reminder in the midst of everything that not everything is terrible and some things aren’t ruined.

A Better Beer Blog has a little history about fascism and beer. But always remember that American booze cultural history is rife with racism.

It is DC Beer Week, gird your loins nerds. A reminder to look at your calendar for your event needs. This year the DC Brewer’s Guild has taken the reins and steered it toward a local theme. But there will be plenty of events for everyone.

The Bruery gave every DC Beer nerd an early gift.


The City Paper released its annual beer issue. Don’t be one of the beer bros mentioned in here, except maybe the beer dad. Dads are fine, in general. Ish.

The Soviet Safeway wants to sell booze, but many in the neighborhood do not approve.

Silver Spring’s Astrolabe Brewing has obtained their liquor license. Get excited, Silver Spring, more beer is on the way. The first Silver Spring brewery, Denizens, has rebranded.

Speaking of brands, let’s check in on how the Voodoo Ranger is doing.

The Voodoo Ranger has been demoted to Voodoo Apprentice. Hello, New Belgium? Anybody home?

In the continued assimilation of craft breweries into larger corporations, Funky Buddha is now a Constellation brand. A reminder that your favorite brewery, yes yours, is probably next.

Green Flash is opening a third brewery. We’re gonna need a bigger boat… for all the hops.

Lagunitas once again leans into their reputation.

Punk(ish) Scottish brewery Brewdog wanted to raise $50 million. Ambitious, but rubbish.

Noted AB-Inbev property Blue Point decided to have a little fun with the endless train delays in and around the New York City area.

You're probably pouring your beer wrong. Unless you’re a real nerd, in which case you probably know everything I’ve written in here. In fact, you may even be linked here. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

You may be hunting the eclipse on Monday. Here are places where you can drink good beer and watch the sun disappear, if it’s not too late.

Untappd released a bunch of updates and now you can have even more badges. If you don’t have 1 million badges, do you ever drink beer, bro?

Finally, in your read of the week, Jeff Alworth rides in a van with a guy named Van who owns a brewery. At least it’s an Alfa, I guess.


Who of you left your Oberon and pizza on a metro train?