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Screaming Into the Void (August 4th, 2017 edition)

Each we– err, whenever he gets around to it,Tony Budny pens SCREAMING INTO THE VOID and looks at the best in writing and social media conversation around the biggest issues in beer. If you feel something should be included, have a tip, or just want to sound off, feel free to look him up on Twitter @DrinksTheThings or email DCBeer.

The Void is here to remind all of you bigger beer companies are coming for your favorite craft beer. You can’t stop them, you can’t even hope to contain them. I guess you could stop buying them, if you’re into that sort of action. Sometimes, though, it's a good fit.  As this post reminds you, Sapporo has had a controlling stake in Unibroue for over a decade and they still churn out amazing beers. I’ll be you’ve even had one to drink in that time period. Here's what it all means.

BYT has it's favorite events for the month of August. A reminder it is DC Craft Beer Week month, so start planning now.

Naptown Pint opines on why Maryland beer is worth the advocacy. While we’re on the subject, Hyattsvile is getting another craft brewery.

The craft beer boom has gone flat. Or, at least, the raw growth of the industry has plateaued. What does it mean? Well for starters, it means now that exponential growth is out of the way, maybe now we can focus on granular growth at the neighborhood level.

We've run out of beer names. AI is making beer names now. Come on, we have to do better than this. Use your brains, people, really go for it.

I don’t know if you heard but it was recently IPA day. IPA is the true king of the craft beer scene. Brewers agree, it may never relinquish its throne.

Here are a bunch of sour ales ranked in some fashion.

While we’re ranking beer, Jeff Alworth takes a crack at how we review breweries. He also wonders if there's a better way to measure the bitterness in a beer than IBUs.

Mexican adjunct lagers are in again. Will they be brewed with pils hops?

The shifting perception of what a beer should be, in one picture:

Here, why don’t you read about a German lager, brewed in America, that you know will be good. And make sure to drink it out of a clean glass.

Another Void has been filled. Remember that sometimes you can be the hero people need.

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