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Welcome to Void 3: Return of the Void, or, It Never Left, You Just Missed Beer Links. In true Void fashion, we completely blew through the one year anniversary and celebrated it with nothing but bars and tone on DCBeer dot com. But don’t worry, since it has been a year and for some reason the meteor o’death hasn’t arrived yet, we felt it best to change the pic to the next great trendy pic related to the end times and this blog.

There, that’s better. The Void still had a better week than whoever this was, though.

So, what’s been up around here since the last time we published one of these voids, eh?



Ahahahha, okay. Well, I guess we picked the wrong week to go off the grid.

They made other news but, despite what you may have read, it's not all *that* significant. But there is a bit of an issue.

Related to this, you should, for no reason in particular, read up on what craft means. Beervana looks at a significant anniversary of the 10 Barrel acquisition. It is not a positive presentation of their marketing efforts. While you’re there though, take a look inside a Czech malt house.

Remember, though, that you should drink what you like, not just avoid what you don’t like.

Alright, now that the obvious things are out of the way, to the local news. I said when it was first announced I would officially believe it when I saw it, but the pics confirm it’s ready: Leesburg, VA has gotten a Delirium Cafe. It is the fifth franchise globally after the original in Brussels. Not really sure what else can be said other than you should drink there and check it out.

While we’re on the subject of Belgium, The Beer Nut says things are the same in Belgium, except when they're not. Guess who is behind a lot of changing tap handles there [Ed. Note: Guessing either lizard people or Satan walking the earth in human form]?

We can’t talk about Belgian beer without talking about the hype-king of the Belgian offerings: Westy 12. An Estonian brewery conducted an experiment lately with that beer, kegging 100 bottles and pouring it at a beer festival as their quad. I don’t even know how many times to caveat this, but read it all the same.

While we were paying attention to other cities, Seattle became the #1 beer city in the US, by total breweries.

The No Reservations blog looks at Basque cider tradition.  If you’re reading this, you might be living in DC, and if that’s the case, don't get on a plane to Spain, you can find some of that here.

There is beer made from excess bread. As many who I’ve seen view this have said, why is there so much excess bread?

Meet a brewer with Mexican brewing heritage brewing in London.

Finally, we have to have a serious section this week. Alcohol abuse is real, and we all need to be aware of it. Locally, the Washington City Paper looks at an industry where substance abuse is more common than it should be, that is those who are serving you the tipples.

Thanks for reading, as always.