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Greetings from The Void, where we’re already on TRAPPIST-E and have been for some time. Get with the program. That’s where craft beer will be whatever we say it is and not made by a conglomerate that mass produces it at a brewery that doesn't exist.

No, but seriously, get me off this planet already.

The big area news of the moment, as you may have already heard, is that Guinness is planning a brewery in Baltimore. Three bills are moving through the Maryland house legislature right now, one of which is related to that planned brewery. This editorial lays out why Guinness moving into the area may not be good news for craft beer in the state. There has been a lot of push-back on this plan. The legislature may want to tread lightly.

Speaking of things craft brewers protested, Scott Pruitt was confirmed as EPA head and that might not be good news for small brewers.


Remember sour beer? American sours are here to stay, says Stouts and Stilettos.  Gotta have something to cut the JOOOOOOCiness every now and then, after all.

Great Scott! I wonder if Sam Caligione will consider beer from the future to be close enough to beer from the past? If he teams up with Elon Musk to make a time machine, we’re all in trouble. Maybe he’ll bring us some–

Oh no.

Look, alcohol from the past coming back to life isn't always for our benefit.

A little art break is here from A Better Beer Blog.

I heard something happened in Sweden. Maybe it was this?

Bardo soft-opened near Nats Park. The location itself will provide some business, and I have to say the design looks intriguing, but the spot's viability remains to be seen. [Ed. note: As an addendum, many of our staff's past interactions and experiences with Bardo have been negative for various reasons. If you want to spend your time and money there, that's your choice, but I and others can't condone it. -BD]

Pour one out for a local Arlington watering hole.

Ever had a beer tasting before where no one knew anything about beer? That’s a trick question, no one knows anything about beer. But here is how not to have a beer tasting. How would you describe this beer?

Well that’s good. I’d be asking if you had a stroke if you tasting nothing.

Finally, some brand content. I was not a fan of Cascade’s brand appearance. Not to put too fine a point on it, but it lacked a certain professionalism, which in terms of a start-up brewery is a common problem. It was time for a refresh, and a refreshing brand it is. I am a big fan of simplistic branding that gets to the point and tells the consumer what they’re getting without being too clever. Good job here.

And, after 17 years, a family gets their brewery name back.

Thanks for reading, and don’t be too rough on people out there.