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It’s me, your social justice beer-drinking correspondent, here for another week of zany hijinks in the Void. The Cubs won the World Series, and you are currently reading this beer blog on the day of a few days after their parade [Ed. Note: I am awful with timing, apologies to Tony]. This is amazing because it was expected this event would herald the end opening a 32 year old Coors banquet. This is the opposite of saving a beer that can handle age for a special occasion. I’m sure the adrenaline rush from the victory improved the still foul-smelling brew.

Tuesday is still coming, though, and that means there’s still a chance a reality TV host could end up with the nuclear football that night, so don’t relax just yet. After Yuengling unsurprisingly hurt its brand associating with Donald Trump, the next brewery to enter into the political fray and likely face boycotts in Colorado Springs or whatever is New Belgium, as they invited Bill Clinton to rally at the brewery in the key battleground state of Colorado Friday. I hope he rides in on a giant novelty bicycle.

My wife and I went to see Anthony Bourdain at DAR Constitutional Hall two weeks ago where he echoed the same sentiments he gave to Thrillist about craft beer. They are not particularly kind, basically calling craft beer aficionados snobs. He had the same things to say about wine drinkers, but they, as this article notes, seem far less bent out of shape about it. Here is photographic evidence of Anthony Bourdain being a snob with a DC Brau in his hand, by the way. And he looks just thrilled to be doing so. It also probably doesn’t help his stance on beer snobbery, which appeared to deride choice in the marketplace, came on the heels of AB-InBev executive Carlos Brito saying consumers have too much choice while also buying craft breweries everywhere. (more on those words from Bryan Roth.)

I thought when I heard the comments in person, it would send the craft beer pundits of Twitter into a tizzy, mostly because they were provocative comments from a person who has made millions of dollars being a provocateur. I was not disappointed. For example, here is Tom Cizauskas taking the bold stance that he won't consume any media of a person from whom he had never before consumed any media previously. There were so many tweets I couldn’t even keep up, mostly due to general apathy and boredom with the takes, some of which were (at least) half-joking, some serious.


She had an entire thread full of good self-awareness. Go look at her account for what I feel is the best take on his comments.

That was exhausting and could’ve all been avoided if we, I don’t know, drank more wine and had more self-awareness like wine-drinkers.

I guess all this chatter should put him high on this list of influential beer drinkers.

Truthfully, though, the original snobs were actually the breweries themselves.

Here, just watch this gif Mesut Özil making fools of people and feel better.


Fritz Hahn found the blog post he wrote from Churchkey’s opening 7 years ago. This includes an impressive beer list worthy of the opening of what has become a staple of DC’s scene.

While we’re on the topic of local beer, some unfortunate news from Hellbender, who will declare bankruptcy. Hope they get back on their feet as a business and stick around for a while.

And while we’re on the subject of finances, which one of you contributed one million dollars to this thing? Seriously, why? Can you imagine someone in Silicon Valley showing up to a party with this thing? Because that’s really what this is about.

Heinek… errr, Lagunitas has partnered with chicken wing purveyor Buffalo Wild Wings to brew an exclusive beer for sale in all their properties. Bryan Roth reports that their past endeavor with a brewery worked out well for both parties.

Here's a discussion and poll about bringing kids into bars.

Sam Adams actually did a brewery-only limited bottle release and I imagine people will be clamoring for this. I also imagine people will write OVERRATED 2.5 STARS a lot, because it is a gimmick. But, really, I’m sure the beer is actually fine.

Here’s an info-graphic on safety in breweries, which really cannot be stressed enough.

Speaking of info-graphics, WHO HERE LIKES BARGRAPHS?!?! Nielsen released numbers on gender preferences and styles. Poor Hefeweizen, it's the only style to lose ground. More context on marketing and some additional infographics can be found here.


We’re all about catchy bottle art and I never miss an opportunity to include discussion on the good.

The price of a pint is set to rise again in Britain.

Good news everyone, alternating uppers and downers may aid in healing the damage done from drinking. So you got that going for you. Which is nice. But never forget what the true stance of the Void is.

Here’s an article about beer that has the word multiverse in it. More to the point, it's about a Massachusetts beer that has an album released with it and the only way to figure out how to get the album is to read the instructions on the can. I am not nearly high enough to re-read this paragraph again, so I hope it's correct.

Firestone Walker is one of my favorite breweries and here is a behind the scenes look into their blending program.

Finally, this poster should be on the walls of many more bar bathrooms.

This has been the final edition of the Void before the American presidential election. Remember to please vote and maybe do it for other reasons than your favorite brewery supporting a candidate. Not everyone on the ballot will have that support, after all. Question 157a certainly won’t.