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In a world where whalez are taking over the craft scene, it's good to know there are ingredients in beer that even the most avid drinker would never actually down. Who am I to judge though when this beer is coming to bottles near you?

Would either of these beers be better than war beer, however?

[Christian Bale voice] ooooo, that’s hoppy.


Today in poorly-timed promoted tweets:

Let’s just forget that ever happened.

Yours For Good Fermentables has two examples of the changing landscape of craft beer, from jeers at Devils Backbone at a festival it hosts to a former brewery owner buying a smaller brewery in a different city. One of the things many craft brands hold in highest esteem is authenticity. For many who drink beer on a regular basis, the chase to buy authentic was always a fool’s errands. For others, that chase is becoming increasingly more difficult. The notion of authenticity has always been a slippery one for brands, as it is a fragile concept to begin with (for example, a craft brewery founded in 2012 that prides itself in cutting edge beer is also in tune with an area’s history?). As the shell game of ownership continues because that is the march of commerce I wonder: what will a post-authenticity craft landscape look like?

Will it look, perhaps, like you're opening a can of tuna to get to beer? It pours well. And, as an added bonus, most beers in 10 years will taste more like a can of pineapple anyway! Super hazy!

Perhaps it’ll be organic? “To be perfectly honest, organic beer—while it's all well and good, isn't of huge interest to me.” Perhaps not.

All we know is that craft beer is in perpetual crisis. Because perpetual crisis in the name of the game in a growing industry.

Maybe it’ll look something like this:

*gets out of smoking in front of Stone Brewing's hotel Delorean with a crowler* GREAT SCOTT, A BEER… FROM THE FUTURRRRRREEE.

No really, a beer from the future. It is now fall, and the leaves are turning, and we’re drinking Festbier and Pumpkin-nutmeg bombs. *looks at thermometer*. Meh, still tastes fine.

In Alabama, you may have to give up a ton of personal info to buy beer. That’s fine, because I assume by writing this I’m probably giving all my personal info over anyway. At least I’m getting a beer with this transaction. And getting a beer with that transaction is more than we can say about Montgomery County's current situation some of the time.

Hillary likes to party. You know, since this is a right-wing outlet that compiled this, I suppose they were trying to make it look like she was a loose cannon or something (pun intended). But this actually makes her look more human, in this writer’s opinion. Bravo. Candidate Clinton, if you’re reading this and want to guest blog, you’re more than welcome to come onboard.

And finally, the new mascot for this blog, this train, which would be me after attempting to accomplish this feat of drinking.

The Void takes a much-needed vacation across the pond and will be off until September. Happy drinking, everyone. Have some American beers for me. I’ll be knee-deep in Real Ale for two weeks.