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Greetings beer readers. Lifehack: do not open this link, but if you do, ignore it. You don’t want to know how many calories you drink. You really don’t. Don’t do it. Resist temptation. And while you’re at it, never tweet. Tweets are caloric.

So is meat from a… brewery? Factory?

So what you’re saying is actual #whalez will come out of this factory to feed the need of the public?

Serious Section of the Week


Before I get too much further, let’s talk about the many members and patrons of our local beer community who were impacted by the severe flooding in Ellicott City, Maryland. The photos of the devastation were heart-wrenching. Tom Cizauskas has a list of fundraisers happening over the weekend and next week as well as links to pages to help specific local businesses that have been temporarily shuttered due to the flooding. If you can find something there and help out by drinking beer or donating your time and money, I’m sure the community would appreciate it. It’s going to be a while before downtown Ellicott City is back on its feet.

"Hey, Did You See the Smithsonian is Hiring a Beer Historian?"

Well, did you? I know you like beer, so I’m gonna post it on your Facebook wall 10 times. This article references the position as well as what people in those types of positions do. The scholarly field of beer research is a relatively new one, but considering how the folks who founded the country were mostly a bunch of brewing, distilling lushes you can’t separate alcohol from American history.

New Mega Brewers Rising?

Asahi is becoming a major global player. Are they the next to start snapping up craft breweries in the country?

Of course, they still don’t have The Sound of Vitality.

Did you know there's a beer style called… goose? Gose’? Goes? Anyway, it's a gose world, we’re just living in it. Spoiler alert: it's salty.

The least you could do is drink your gose at a bar that cleans its lines. No, I’m serious, that is literally the least you could do.

Good to see Stone Brewing transitioning to their new enterprise as a hot sauce company.

Will they be canning their sauces, tho?

You know who would drink canned beer, I’ll bet? This guy:

This… sounds like a Trump child. I say child because Trump would never be caught dead with a Blue Moon.

Want to open a brewery? Too bad, it's hard and expensive. I… I mean, sorry. I haven’t had coffee yet. Yes, sure, live your dreams or whatever. Maybe someday you can make a massive profit as well.

A Podcast for Your Evening Commute

All About Beer has begun a new podcast called Two Beer In in which Jim Koch says someone like AB-Inbev could put anyone out of business at any time.


Who among us hasn't gotten a little thirsty and disheveled and didn’t want to leave a pub sometime? The bar owner “had to use crisps, pork scratchings and carrots” to get the horse out the door. It me.

Maybe you’ll get to meet this guy on a lovely hike like this. I’ll be over there soon, not necessarily for the hike, more for other things. Can’t wait to taste real ale again.