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Screaming Into the Void (June 3, 2016 Edition)

Each week(ish), Tony Budny pens SCREAMING INTO THE VOID and looks at the best in writing and social media conversation around the biggest issues in beer. If you feel something should be included, have a tip, or just want to sound off, feel free to look him up on Twitter @drinksthethings, email DCBeer, or send a chatsnap or what else the kids do these days.

I’m going to talk very softly because by this point in SAVOR week, loud noises probably hurt your head.


Video within h/t @jhauganiii

Really enjoy the form there. He owns the whole thing.

Troll of the Week

It didn’t have to be this way. Our fate wasn’t sealed.

Oh well, at least craft beer is in good shape otherwise.

YOU MONSTERS. You know, a glass of wine would taste pretty good about now.

In my opinion, it's good to have reasons to do things. What would it take for me to want to fight someone after drinking?

Ah. That might do it.

I’ll bet I have an idea who that is.

SOMEBODY is ambitious this SAVOR week.

Occasional Reminder of the Week:

Reads of the Week:

OK, I’m going to very quietly walk back out your front door. You’re going to need some pain relievers and water over the weekend to help that. Be sure to follow @drinksthethings and let me know how my driving is. See you next week.

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