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The failbus has indeed returned again! To the media!


If you haven’t seen the gargantuan amount of events next week around town, go ahead and take a look. Talk to your local congressperson. Man the battle stations. It's all hands on deck. There will be so much beer flowing in this town, no one person is up to the task to drink all of it. Except me.

I’m kidding, I’m on a diet. My beer consumption is down to 75% of all available beer.


And if you haven’t bought tickets to SAVOR yet, there miiiiiight be a few left. Here's what the Post's Fritz Hahn has to say about that phenomenon. Find the rest of DCBeer's SAVOR coverage here.

Sound Advice of the Week:  

I created 100 different accounts just so I could like this tweet 100 times.

Canadian Tweet of the Week:

Some background first: for those unaware, you could only buy 12 and 24 packs of beer retail in Ontario at The Beer Store at one point, a deal they made years ago with the provincial government. Those regulations were relaxed a bit last year, allowing for some retail sales at grocery stores and breweries, but the large chain is also co-owned by three of the largest beer conglomerates in the world. You can see why this might be a problem and may ruffle some feathers of small, independently-owned breweries in the province.

Local Toronto-based brewery The Indie Alehouse is here to help:

When Justin Trudeau is done elbowing his way to a new era of world peace or something, maybe he get around to listening, eh?

Beer Brewing is a Glamorous Business Tweet of the Week:

"Brewing beer would be fun," they said. "I’d never feel like it's a job," they said. *opens 100th packet of hops* Hop additions make Jack a dull boy.

Reads of the Week:

As a lifelong Maryland resident–

Hey hey hey, whoa whoa, I haven’t even gotten to why I’m telling you that.

Happy Hour of the Week:  


Finally, congrats to popular Bloomingdale haunt Showtime Lounge for making the list of Esquire’s 18 best bars in America. Hopefully we can all still get in after this welcome news.

Another week in the books. Be sure to follow me @drinksthethings for this and other musings. See you next week for the SAVOR events hair of the dog edition.