On April 15th, 2011 DC Brau poured pints of The Public Pale Ale at Meridian Pint. DC Brau, the city’s first production brewery since Christian Heurich’s closure in 1956, was founded by Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, with Hancock running the brewing side of operations.

DC Beer has confirmed that Hancock, whose title has been “President, Brewmaster, QA/QC Lead & Co-founder,” is leaving the brewery’s “daily operations,” along with his wife Mari Rodela, Brau’s Co-Owner & Chief Community and Culture Officer. Skall retains his title of CEO and Co-founder.

Pic via WTOP

Skall and Hancock first met in DC’s electronic music scene and kept in touch, partnering to launch a brewery in 2008, so this is the end of an era, though it appears that Hancock and Rodela will retain co-ownership.

Wow. A press release is forthcoming from the brewery, and we’ll update the story as more details become available.


Press release: DC Brau Congratulates Co-Founder and Key Team Member as They Embark on New Adventures

Washington, D.C. (July 29, 2022) — Having made one dream come true, which was starting DC’s first craft brewery and turning it into a nationally recognized, gold medal-winning brewery, DC Brau announces that two longtime members of the team, Marisela Rodela (Owner / Chief Community and Culture Officer) and Jeff Hancock (Co-Founder / President and Brewmaster), have decided to move on to pursue new passions. CEO Brandon Skall will continue in his role, transitioning the brewery into the next era.

DC Brau exists because its founders are inherently risk-takers and innovators, so it makes sense that Jeff plans to move into the next frontier: Cannabis. It’s a perfect field for a creative like Jeff, who has been pursuing this passion for years (evident in some of DC Brau’s popular brews, such as Smells Like Freedom, Terpene Rainbow and Legalize It! Lager).

“I’m extremely proud of what I’ve accomplished over the past decade, overcoming every possible hurdle to launch DC’s first craft brewery,” says Jeff. “I’m ready to apply everything I’ve learned to the emerging business of cannabis.”

Mari will continue her work supporting and advocating for the local maker community, with exciting projects coming up with organizations that amplify the importance of supporting local independent businesses.

“Moving fully into a space where I’m advocating for and supporting local makers and encouraging Washingtonians to think local is an obvious next move for me, after so many years helping DC Brau become a staple for DC beer enthusiasts,” says Mari. “I’m looking forward to the next challenge.”

“DC Brau is what it is today because of both Mari and Jeff,” adds Brandon. “Jeff was my partner for 12 years, and some of the biggest accomplishments and best moments of my life were with him, side by side, launching DC Brau and turning it into everything it is today. I’m profoundly grateful to have worked with them both. I wish them the best.”

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