Okay, let’s try this again. SAVOR’s move to The Anthem in 2020 was canceled by the pandemic, and as was the case with many beer events, they sat out 2021 as well. Some of what we wrote about the 2020 version of this event still applies, including the basics of around a hundred or so breweries, selected via a lottery system and through sponsorships in which a brewery pays to guarantee a spot. 

SAVOR is heading to The Wharf, inside The Anthem. This is most interesting because The Anthem has a kitchen, and food has long been an issue at SAVOR: getting it to match the quality of the beer will be easier in this location.

SAVOR is one night only, Friday, June 24, 2022. 

VIP tickets will get you in at 6 PM, while General Admission starts at 7 PM. It ends earlier, too, at 10 PM, which may mean after-parties with Atlas, Bluejacket, and now Solace all in walking distance. A third, or middle, tier of pricing gets you in at 6pm as well, but without some of the bells and whistles

The Brewers Association notes that The Anthem “will accommodate 30 percent more breweries than previous events,” and as of now we’re up to 230 beers, a record. Speaking of The Anthem, it “requires everyone in the venue to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This is the current venue policy which the Brewers Association will adhere to. If this policy changes, we will evaluate current conditions at that time.”

Tickets to SAVOR are not cheap, starting at $144 plus fees; but if you’re not going we anticipate some “SAVOR Week” activities. No doubt Neighborhood Restaurant Group locations like Churchkey, The Sovereign, and Shelter will be planning events, and we expect Other Half to host some brewery guests as well. Watch this space for more on SAVOR and SAVOR Week, and check out the list of participating breweries