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SAVOR Saved: The Event Returns in 2020

Take a look at the SAVOR site, and you’ll notice a date: May 15th, 2020. SAVOR is back.

However, this event won’t be held at The National Building Museum. Instead, SAVOR is heading to The Wharf, inside The Anthem. This is most interesting because The Anthem has a kitchen, and food has long been an issue at SAVOR: getting it to match the quality of the beer will be easier in this location.

What else do we know? As was the case last year, SAVOR is one night only, Friday, May 15th, 2020. VIP tickets will get you in at 6 PM, while General Admission starts at 7 PM. It ends earlier, too, at 9:30 PM, which means you should watch our calendar closer to the event for the after-parties. There will still be a lottery process for (some?) breweries, and the beers will still be paired with foodstuffs. Given that the event is shorter, we don’t know how many breweries will be there, either.

Last year, based on conversations with multiple people inside the Brewers Association, I reported that 2019 would be the last SAVOR. I’m happy to be wrong and look for me to eat much proverbial crow as we know more about the 2020 event. In the meantime, rejoice that there will be another SAVOR Week, to say nothing of the event itself.

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