About a year ago, we began compiling a list of breweries taking advantage of direct-to-consumer (DTC) laws to ship beer to Washington, DC and Virginia (patience, Maryland). That somewhat comprehensive list is here. However, a new class of options have also begun shipping: retailers. Thus, it’s time for another somewhat comprehensive list!

The advantage of buying from retailers for you, the consumer, is that you’re not beholden to large quantities of beer from a single brewery. Think of it as browsing a bottle shop online.

Savvy drinkers may be familiar with BeerMenus as the platform is used by tens of thousands of bars, restaurants, and breweries. During the pandemic they’ve made a pivot themselves, launching a weekly newsletter, The Beer’s Here. It’s free to sign up for and you’ll get a list of breweries shipping to your zip code, assorted new releases from said breweries, and the occasional retailer. “No more scrolling Instagram, no more missing out on great new releases,” writes Eric Stephens, BeerMenus’ CEO and co-founder. We endorse it, go subscribe!

The Beer Buyer’s Club. Even before the pandemic, Tavour was an option for whalez. They’ve since partnered with The Beer Connoisseur magazine to offer a few more exclusives. Download their app, login and/or create an account, and save $10 with the code “BC2021.” Last we saw they had cans from Oregon’s Pelican and Block 15. You’re welcome.

The Craft Beer Center, Keene, NY. We found out about this site via BeerMenus. NY and VT beer abound, including IPAs from Equilibrium and New York state’s Other Half locations, as well as Lawson’s and Zero Gravity. Shipping costs start at about $20.


Craft Beer Cellar, Belmont, MA. You know the H St. franchise location, but this one will ship, which means Massachusetts’ finest. Lagers from Notch and Jack’s Abbey, IPAs from Night Shift? You know it! Shipping starts at about $12.

Half Time Beverage. The mail-order arm of this Hudson Valley, NY beer store claims to be the largest beer retailer in the US, featuring “over 4,000 craft beer and cider selections from over 800 breweries located in over 50 countries.” Want to be surprised? They’ve got gift packs by style or geographic region, as well as a beer of the month club. Finback, Toppling Goliath,… they’ve got what you want. Shipping, which can be as low as free-99!, to both DC and VA.

All this being said, the DMV offers plenty of local options, and the pandemic isn’t over, so please support your area favorites as well. Thanks, and stay safe!