Welcome to the Void. Let’s not waste any time with pleasantries, we have business to attend to. Even this week, breweries outdid themselves in their quest to win friends and influence people. Let’s start with Maryland’s own Burley Oak, who not only decide to post about a huge anniversary party for staff that clearly violated COVID guidelines, but also decided to argue that were, somehow, not violating those guidelines. The comments are something special and, as of this publish, they are all still there for your viewing pleasure. We are not going to make it, folks. And yes, there are exploding can jokes.

But I guess the Brewers’ Association thinks that last part is fine.


A lot has been made of the Founders Brewing saga. But of course, they have yet to make any real effort to atone for the actual pain they inflicted on a human being, but will embark on a racial equality plan. I know buying local isn’t a panacea, but at least be aware there are better options available to you if you want to support these efforts. Jake, who usually sees this before you do, spoke about efforts like these and some that I’m about to mention, which means he’s also getting ahead of a column he’s reading before you do, which is a very meta moment in the Void continuum.

Joe Englert, one of pioneers of current DC bar culture, died on August 20.


If you are or know a frontline worker in Montgomery County, Maryland, maybe consider buying them a round. Maybe make it a Lowest Lord. Speaking of frontline workers, just wear your damn masks and don’t be an asshole about it, for 5 minutes, please?

Right Proper Brewing’s owner is here to talk to you about DC Statehood.

Lagers? Lagers.

You all like Dunkin, don’t you? Well, here’s a bunch of fall and Dunkin themed coffee beers. And these are officially licensed! Who knew you could ask permission for IP in craft beer in 2020?

There’s going to be a new Dogfish Head subsidiary in Miami, but unfortunately it’s taking the place of a brewery that– *deep breath*– “was opened in May 2015 and joined Traveler Beer Company in Burlington, VT where A&S Brewing is based, as well as Los Angeles-based Angel City Brewery, and Coney Island Brewing which was purchased from Schmaltz Brewery Company in 2013.” Got all that? This brewery that was once not part of all this then was  part of it is now Dogfish. In Florida. 

Are you homebrewing again during The Great 2020 Predicament? Well, you’re not alone. Perhaps you can brew an IPA… without bitterness… which is a new thing, you see?

This may seem short, but that’s because there aren’t pictures. Everyone spoke with words these past few weeks in general, which in the age of social media seems difficult, but don’t fret. I’m sure there will be plenty of material for the next Void… whenever that will be. You’ll still be in the Void, though.