People have asked how they can help local breweries, bars, and restaurants during the COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis we find ourselves in. Some of our suggestions are below. If you have others, please let us know. We’re @dcbeer on your favorite social media platform.

1. Buy beer, directly from breweries if possible. 

Profit margins are best for breweries if you buy at the source. Pretty much every local brewery that bottles or cans is selling beer to-go, often with curb-side pickup. A few even deliver.
If not breweries, then local bottle shops. Think Craft Beer Cellar, Norm’s, Gilly’s, Arrowine, Arlington Brew Shop.
Finally, grocery stores and other chains.

2. Gift cards, merch, and swag.

Gift cards give breweries a cash infusion now, which you can use for beer later. Win-win. Also, studies have shown that you’ll telework harder and better in your favorite brewery’s hoodie (note: studies have not shown this).


3. Join a brewery club.

Like gift cards, this gives breweries cash, and you’ll get perks down the road, such as discounts on beer and gear, among others. Silver Branch’s Explorer’s Club has re-opened, and 3 Stars Illuminati/Funkerdome clubs are also accepting members. Worth checking in to see if your favorite local brewery is doing something like this. 

4. Donate to industry relief funds.

Here’s one, for example. Maybe the DC Brewer’s Guild should set one up, too? 

5. Lobby your elected officials, at all levels.

This is perhaps most important. Ask them to support small business relief, such as moratoriums on commercial debt and mortgage payments; immediate access to unemployment for laid off workers; and cash payments to the American people, so we can help out our local breweries, bars, and restaurants. Some Republican Senators have floated giving people $1,000 each to stimulate the economy. I know if I had that I’d spend a fair amount of it on delivery of food and alcohol. 

Stay safe, and keep being excellent to each other.