As is customary in these parts, the cities that play each other in sports championships like the World Series have made some very low-stakes bets with each other. DC breweries are getting in on the “fun,” with bets against their Houston brethren. Here’s how it’s going down.

World Series Bet 1: DC Brau versus Saint Arnold

Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston, Texas, challenges DC Brau in Washington, DC, to a World Series bet.

DC Brau is the city’s oldest and largest craft brewery, so it’s no surprise they’ve partnered with Houston’s oldest and largest, Saint Arnold. If the Nationals win, DC Brau will be taking some Houston beer back to Northeast DC, including barrel-aged goodies. Of course, if the Astros win, there will be less Wings, Joint Resolution, and other DC Brau beers to go around because Saint Arnold will be receiving them. Their lawnmower Kolsch-style ale is a keeper, and we wouldn’t mind drinking some to savor a Nats win.

World Series Bet 2: Hellbender versus Great Heights


Great Heights Brewing Company in Houston, Texas, challenges Hellbender in Washington, DC, to a World Series bet.

Not to be outdone, Hellbender is opting for viral video fame. If the Nats win the Series, Houston’s Great Heights Brewing will have to dress up as sharks in front of the Houston Aquarium and do a dance. If the Astros win, Hellbender will do the dance in front of the Air and Space Museum. The loser will live on forever, in YouTube infamy. Look for beer to be exchanged either way.

UPDATE: We have an all-ABI/InBev bet, too, as both Devils Backbone and Karbach are owned by the conglomerate.