Fans of running, walking, smart urban design, and beer, rejoice! The first annual DC Beer Week Fun Run is happening on Sunday, September 8 at 10 AM. 

This family-friendly, go any way you want event is being co-hosted by Right Proper and Red Bear, along with their neighbor REI. It will follow an approximately two-mile course along the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) from Right Proper in Brookland down to Red Bear/REI in NoMa.

Bryan Van Den Oever, Co-Owner of Red Bear, hopes to emphasize the “fun” part of the event and encourages everyone to go along the route any way they want. “Bring the kids! Bring the dogs! This is a rain or shine event.” 

The DC Brewers’ Guild, which holds DC Beer Week every year, has considered a Fun Run event in the past but the specifics were difficult to arrange. Then Red Bear Brewing Company, which has been open less than a year, decided to take the lead on the event, allowing them to collaborate with their next-door neighbor, REI. 

REI Joins in Supporting Fun Run


The Fun Run begins at Right Proper Brewing Company in Brookland.
The Fun Run begins at Right Proper Brewing Company in Brookland.

According to Van Den Oever, “REI was very receptive. They liked the aspect of being outdoors in nature and the community involvement and were happy to support the Fun Run.” Allison McNamara, events manager for Right Proper, added, “Since [we are] right on the MBT, we thought it would be great to have the event start on our end.”  

Purchasing a ticket to the Fun Run will entitle runners (or walkers or pedaler or crawlers) to two beers, one each at Right Proper and Red Bear. Right Proper will be opening up early on September 8, at 10 AM, and participants can check-in there any time between 10:00 and 11:30 AM before continuing down the MBT. 

Participants will get a full beer to start at Right Proper, so McNamara suggests “maybe no full speed running.” Upon leaving Right Proper, volunteers from the Washington Renegades Rugby Club will be on hand at every intersection to guide peoples between the brewery and the MBT. About halfway down the MBT, there will be an REI station with water and a bike technician, also staffed by the rugby club. In NoMa, participants will cross past the REI and Red Bear tents, and sign in for the beer ticket at the brewery. 

The Fun Run ends at Red Bear Brewing Company in NoMa
The Fun Run ends at Red Bear Brewing Company in NoMa

The Fun Run event will take over the patio area in front of the Uline Arena, so everyone will be able to enjoy any of the patio space, including outdoor games. A pop-up vendor at the Red Bear kitchen will be serving food; check Red Bear’s social media feeds (@RedBearBrewing) to find out more. 

Finally, Red Bear is happy to announce that they are now an official sponsor of the DC Roller Girls! The local Roller Derby squad may be making an appearance at the event as well. DC Roller Girl derbies at the Armory are super fun (and affordable) and everyone is excited that they are now connected to the DC craft beer community. 

Van Den Oever expressed, “big thanks to the Renegade Rugby Club and REI for their support and help.” All proceeds for the Fun Run will go to supporting the DC Brewers Guild.  

In addition to the Fun Run, please consider checking out the Red Bear’s Marquee event “Celebrating Women in Beer” and Right Proper’s Annual Record Sale Day event during DC Beer Week.