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Brewers Battle to Kick the Keg for Charity at 5th Annual Beer Royale

DC Beer Week “kick the keg” tradition continues

Did you know not every brewer, brewery owner, and brewery office administrator guzzles a beer after work? Some crush LaCroix, others toss back big oaky Cabernets, and some slam frozen margaritas. But on Wednesday, September 11, many will be at Roofers Union powering through their own lagers and ales.

Roofers Union in Adams Morgan will once again host DC’s best breweries in the 5th Annual “Kick the Keg Contest”. Known as the “DC Beer Royale,” this event has been known to promote both trash talk and camaraderie between the breweries. This year seven DC breweries will race to the bottom of the barrel (or sixth of a barrel) to kick their keg, all for their favorite charities.

Seven DC Breweries compete to "Kick The Keg" for the charity of their choice at Roofers Union on Wednesday, September 11.
Seven DC Breweries compete to “Kick The Keg” for the charity of their choice at Roofers Union on Wednesday, September 11.

Roofers Union General Manager Dave Delaplaine explains, “Each brewery represents a different charity. Whoever’s sixtel kicks first wins a donation from Roofers Union.” He added, “We are going to do a $400 check this year instead of $300.”

The winning brewery’s charity will also receive any additional donations collected at the door, so craft beer fans can support their favorite brewery and a non-profit organization at the same time.

Justin Cox, Founder & CEO of Atlas Brew Works, says, “It’s amazing we’re into the 5th year of the Beer Royale…it’s a great opportunity for all the local breweries to get together, talk some smack, drink some beers and have some inter-brewery competition with charity being the real winner.”

“Atlas bested everyone last year but they did so by cheating if I remember correctly, says DC Brau CEO & Co-Founder Brandon Skall, “This year we intend to bring something secret that is a real treat, only three kegs have ever been produced. What is it? You’ll just have to stay tuned for that detail.” Follow DCBeer on twitter as we tweet out the list of select kegs being brought to the event.

DC Brau founder Brandon Skall celebrates winning the 20XX DC Beer Royale and a year of bragging rights.
DC Brau founder Brandon Skall celebrates winning the 20XX DC Beer Royale and a year of bragging rights.

New to the lineup this year is Red Bear, just past their half-year anniversary, joining 3 Stars, Atlas, Bluejacket, DC Brau, Hellbender, and Right Proper, who have all participated since 2015. 

This year 3 Stars plays for the charity 826DC, Atlas plays for Living Classrooms, Bluejacket plays for Arcadia Food, DC Brau for Human Rescue Alliance, Hellbender for DC Central Kitchen, Red Bear for Casa Ruby, and Right Proper for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

In 2015, at the first Beer Royale, 3 Stars served “Cognitive Dissonance” and chose Brain Food as their charity, Atlas served “Ponzi”  and chose Lucky Dog Rescue, Bluejacket served “The Jam” and chose Washington Animal Rescue League, DC Brau brought “On the Wings of Armageddon” for Miriam’s Kitchen, Hellbender brought “Red Rum” for The National Zoo, and Right Proper brought “Range Life” playing for the Washington Humane Society.

The event begins at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, September 11 and goes to 11:00 pm. Expect to pay $5 for a 7 oz pour or $8 for a 12 oz pour. Learn more at DCBeerWeek.net.

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