Beer is a business and with that comes responsibilities.

Welcome to Stalin’s Russia or Bernie’s America, also known as the Void, home of an inferior product. But you already knew that.

Let’s start with the latest controversy in craft beer. That’s right, BABIES IN BARS.

No, that’s not very new. Read it anyway but remember, never read the comments.

OK, the latest controversy: ABI buying craft breweries.


No, that’s not very new either. You might say it’s one of the oldest controversies in this, the second post-bubble era of craft beer. Which means there are going to be takes. The purchase of Platform came as a bit of a surprise. The rise of craft… I mean, macros, continues unabated. But one longtime former craft now not so craft establishment may be losing its namesake pub.

Let’s get back to local. I wrote an article in between Voids, about the best area happy hours for local beer lovers, that I intend to update occasionally. If you like craft beer on a budget, take a look.

Mike Stein interviewed the members of the DC area’s Black Brew Movement, a group that’s looking to make the area’s beer scene more inclusive and diverse, something that’s sorely needed in almost every city, but especially this one. Never forget your responsibilities.

Speaking of, we’re not done with the Chris Funari incident and the ensuing comments, this time adding a greater context about misogyny in beer and its long, recent history.  

The other area beer borg, the NRG franchise juggernaut, continues its quest to sell every neighborhood (heh) a beer. They head to the Hill next and will be bringing the anti-whales, with 50% of their taps low-abv beer. A lot of those will be lagers, which Jeff Alworth asks if they’re really that difficult to make, as is the belief.

Nick Anderson talks nuts and bolts of the business and what happens when things go wrong sometimes. 

Champion Brewing is closing its Richmond outpost.

And DC Beer Week is less than a month away and the campaign to get you the list of events is on. 

Since national cat day came and went, I can’t close out the local section without a naked cat

Michigan brewers, like so many across the country, including recently closeby in Maryland, want to self-distribute. Bell’s will not be one of the breweries permitted to do so under the terms outlined within (not a bill… yet), but they are permitted to lighten up a version of Two Hearted for you.

Since we just keep going back to the business of beer, here’s a primer on Nebraska Brewing’s trials changing their business model from that of a brew pub to a distribution brewery. I have a feeling the current climate, of which they were a bit ahead of the curve, will demand this action from many places.


Pyramid Brewing, part of the semi-convoluted, in the opinion of this beer writer, Independent Brewers United, has had several hundred of its workers win a settlement for back pay. Convoluted or not, this does not bode well for them.

If you’re not like me and don’t like smoked beer, here’s how to enjoy it. I would also suggest traveling to Bamberg and drinking it that beautiful city, which helps. 


But always remember….

Wait for it….

Beer is poison.