Have you ever tried a beer and been thrilled by its smell and taste but don’t know to describe it? Or wondered where a special fruity aroma came from? We’re here to help you be more excellent at talking about beer!

DC is in the name, but on Thursday, July 25 we’ll be graciously hosted by Silver Spring’s Silver Branch Brewing Company to help people learn how to identify and describe the flavors and colors of beer.

Introduction to beer tasting with DC Beer

Introduction to Beer Tasting Lesson 1: Flavor is the combination of taste and aroma.

You’ll taste six different beers, two each from Silver Spring’s top breweries, Astro Lab BrewingDenizens Brewing Company, and of course Silver Branch. You’ll learn how to identify the different grains, hops, and yeast chosen by the brewers, and how each specific ingredient impacts the flavors, aromas, tastes, and color of the beer, directly from the brewers themselves. Ask them questions. Ask us questions. (We’ll ask questions, too.) Drink beer!

Interested? Tickets are $25, and the event starts at 7PM. If you want to learn more about beer, this class is for you!