Bare Bones Kolsch is Hellbender’s take on the classic German-style Kolsch ale named for the German city of Köln (or Cologne as we say in the District). At 4.7% alcohol by volume, it’s lighter than Budweiser but heavier than anything in the light beer market.

Hellbender Bare Bones Kolsch

A mild bitterness, not taxing and more noticeable in a younger Bare Bones can or keg, is pleasant and welcome in the pale beer. A soft, fresh-baked bread quality comes through on the finish, a reminder that you’re drinking an all-malt beer without a trace of corn or rice in the product. Overall this beer is like your first dip in crystal clear waters while on vacation: clean, refreshing, capable of removing years of pent-up workplace stress. The beer tastes mildly floral from a gentle hopping but the crisp finish takes it away from sunflower seed-like eathiness and towards a subtle wet stone taste, similar to Gerolsteiner mineral water.

Bare Bones runs $5 per pint in the taproom and a six pack will run you $11.