Searching for Suds with NRG

Long-time readers of this site might remember the District Beer Hunt event that we co-hosted with the J Street Beer Blog (RIP) in 2011 and 2012. During DC Beer Week 2015, we brought something similar back with a Dupont Circle Beer Scavenger Hunt. Now the Neighborhood Restaurant Group is jumping into the scavenger hunt arena with its first “DC Easter Keg Hunt.”

The event will take place April 11-14 at ChurchKey, Bluejacket, The Sovereign and The Partisan, which gives beer fans a fair bit of geography to cover within the District. Starting on Thursday, April 11, pick up your official Easter Keg Hunt scorecard at any of the participating locations. Each location will have a different clue hinting at a special beer on the draft list.

Those who find each of the four secret beers by Sunday, April 14, will win a limited-edition DC Easter Keg Hunt 2019 hooded sweatshirt and be automatically entered into a drawing for one of the five grand prizes:


Not enough for you to be entered into a random drawing? What are you, the kind of person who tries to cheat in casinos? You know that stuff will get you bounced right? Anyway, this isn’t a casino, so NRG is putting in some ways for you to increase your odds of winning a grand prize package.

Easter Keg Hunt Bonus Points

Completing each of the following tasks will earn you an extra scorecard stamp, each of which improves your chances of winning a grand prize:

The Rules

There are rules associated with this because we live in a civil society and rules are important. Also, speaking from experience, people always try to find a way to mess things up during events like this (and sometimes they succeed). Please don’t be the reason we can’t have nice things and follow these:

Good luck, beer hunters, and have fun!