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Roses are red
Violets are bluture
Does Brut IPA have a future?

Well ok then. Valentines Day may be over, but you can still visit the best breweries to have a first date.

Let’s cut to the biggest news: Atlas is opening a second taproom in Navy Yard and it will be next to The Bullpen. Huge upgrade.

Our own contributor (and hey, the editor of this very piece! ed: <waves>) Jacob Berg says DC Brau’s decision to shake up its core offerings is a smart move.

Sankofa Brewery celebrates its first year in DC, and we sat down with the West African-inspired brewery to talk about the first year and beyond.


Phil Runco takes a look at the Shutdown beer, Atlas Brewing’s the Precious One.

Red Bear Brewing is gearing up for its opening and their spot looks like a good place to drink.

Other Half keeps announcing expansion. There isn’t enough haze in the world for you insatiable animals.

Last week, you may have heard that Great Lakes Brewing News landed in hot water because of a ridiculous column that was, apparently, satire. (In the view of this Void writer, a poor attempt at it). Well Bill Metzger responded on Facebook and you won’t be surprised to see its a non-apology, “sorry you were offended” response.

On that same note, John Holl takes on the endless supply of sexist beer names, current and, as we all know, future.

Meanwhile, Beer Kulture says many within craft beer have participated in widespread selective outrage on which issues matter to them and which don’t. And it shows.

Poor Newcastle Brown Ale. For many, such as me, it was an early gateway beer to craft. Now, it will be so far removed from its namesake city you won’t even be able to get a direct flight to it. But I hope this iteration tastes better.

Can a video be a long read? Well, Garrett Oliver attempts to tell the difference between expensive and cheap beer. It’s 25 minutes. Worth the watch, though.

Interested in craft beer cocktails? Here are some recipes.

Finally, Utah wants to change its laws to get rid of the 3.2% rule for grocery stores. The LDS church isn’t having it.