Snallygaster, the Neighborhood Restaurant Group's behemoth beer festival taking place on October 13, recently announced plans to become more family friendly. The event, which features 350+ beers, food from food trucks, and two stages of live music, is now in its seventh year.

Snally will partner with with Kalamata's Kitchen and feature activities built to connect kids and grownups to other cultures through food adventures. "Food brings people closer together," an email notes, "and Kalamata's Kitchen believes that sharing food adventures does more than encourage your family to try new thing – it brings about an appetite for empathy, inclusiveness and community in a profound, yet very simple way: sitting together and connecting over food."

When you purchase your tickets, "register" your kids by telling NRG how many kids you're bringing. When you arrive, you can head to the Kalamata's tent.

NRG wants to be super clear: this isn't daycare and you cannot leave your kids behind at the Kalamata Kitchen tent. instead, they hope it will be "a sweet little feature that invites families to enjoy some fun together while at Snallygaster." Other family friendly benefits include:


Because we are gluttons for punishment, we'll probably power rank the Snally beers again this year. Don't give those rankings to your kids, you'll just be teasing them with the beers they can't drink.