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Spring was here, then it wasn’t, now it’s here, before it isn’t again.

Wow, I’ve never felt so seen by Garfield. It’s like this cartoon was made directly for this column.

We have a ton of local news this week, so if you’re not a DC Area Denizen, read anyway, you might learn something about us. Especially since you may come to see a baseball game here, and I sure wouldn’t want you to miss all the craft beer they have in the park, which you can find with the handy maps contained within that link.

Your long read of the week is, as is a trend here, Phil Runco and his story of a Bluejacket/Ocelot collaboration you’ll want to drink. Also, he interviewed the founders of 3 Stars on a podcast. He gets around.


A new beer bar is opening in Georgetown, and the people there seem happy about it.

Hyattsville is quickly becoming the beer destination for the Maryland suburbs. Pizza P's newest spot is hosting a local beer festival on May 12th, if you want to go check it out.

Bad Wolf Brewing is closing one of their brewing facilities in a bit of a continuation of a local trend.

May is mild(e) month. Mild ale is, as many point out, a dying style, as high-octane NEIPAs and barrel-aged stouts dominate the landscape. Oliver Brewing is no stranger to brewing heavy beer, but Steve Jones wants to keep history alive. As a guy who used to brew in England, you could see why. Jones partnered with DC Brau and made one for you. As a person who likes what Oliver’s has to offer, I would suggest you drink this in mass quantities.

Or, you could just have a tall glass of–

I don’t know about you, but I find this to be an easy decision.While we’re on the subject of poor branding, give a read to Mark Johnson considering the poor and flippant use of Christian themes in beer branding.

Also, Melvin Brewing is facing massive backlash in Seattle over a groping allegation and subsequent off-color joke that was in poor taste even without the groping report. Perhaps this is the time brewing finally has its reckoning with the bro-culture that has pervaded it? One can hope.

CAMRA held a key vote this week as to whether they would bring quality advocacy for other forms of beer outside of cask ale, and the answer is no. Some people aren't happy about this. This pairs well with a lesson in how craft beer has evolved since 1990.

Tired Hands has done a good thing and is hiring a diversity brewing internship.  Apply by May 1st. Maybe pair that internship with a minor in craft brewing?

A Pulitzer Prize winner works in craft beer.

Do we have enough hop varieties? Do you think we need one more? OK., let’s get one more.

Finally, don't be this guy. Never be this guy. Enjoy the Void, but don’t overdo it.