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HELLO FELLOW VOID SCREAMERS. Don’t yell too loudly, you know how hungover most people are while reading this thing.

It’s time to get extremely online again.

We ranked all 400ish beers being served at Snallygaster for some reason. This list has plenty of snark and not much analysis, per the usual. But there are some helpful hints on which beers to drink when and why and what beers to avoid. Use your tickets wisely, be a Snally hero. Also, read this beforehand so you kill all the brain cells these rankings occupied at the festival.

Some random guy gives you suggestions on where to drink in the DC region. I mean he doesn’t even like quads, so I guess you could listen to him if you want.


The DC Health department says they may be good dogs, but they can't be on patios. This story has confusing details. I would love for the health department to clarify the recent crackdown further, for the sake of business owners.

Good news everyone! A new brewery is in planning in Silver Spring and it is right next to the metro station, in an office park that is lovingly described as “sleepy.” I am really interested in what they do with the space, because I walk by that building almost every day and I never once said “wow, that would be a great place for a beer garden.” But the location itself is great. Good luck to them. I look forward to becoming a regular. Another brewery got approval in the county as well this week.

If you are a fan of South Park and a DC Beer gadfly, you may have noticed an eerie occurrence: a beer menu on the show looked an awful lot like the one at District Chophouse.

The owner of Queen Vic is taking over Granville Moore's.

The University of Maryland is teaming up with farmhouse breweries to research how to better grow hops in the mid-Atlantic region.

Loudoun County, VA is getting a brewery that pays homage to an amphibian which met its demise at the hands of a rocket. Aslin Beer Company has gotten caught up in red tape in the same county.

DC Beer’s own Mike Stein wrote about a classic beer that still holds up. Speaking of Dogfish, they may want to come up with a more appetizing name for this beer before serving it.

I dunno, looks like somebody in that library had a good time.

Read about the science of NEIPAs. Afterward, read a little about a Richmond brewery that brews them.

Jim Koch is going to be proctoring a beer sampling on an airplane to GABF. Hope you got your tickets, because if not, it’s already too late.

Here is a good example of how to not market a beer.

Modern Times’ first head brewer heads to Hong Kong.

Finally, in your longish read of the week, take a look at how scientists are revolutionizing beer.