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 Greetings from your one-stop distraction shop from the fresh hell that is the actual world. [Ed. Note: Here at DCBeer we only drink hell-inspired beer that is three weeks old or less.]


Boy, the author of that tweet sure does need a beverage, huh? [Ed. Note: Time for this guy to audition for WWE's Tough Enough. Spoiler: he goes home week one.]

For those loyal DMV Void-screamers, we have some exciting news: Mike Tonsmeire and Scott Janish are opening a brewery. These guys are local legends in homebrewing and beer scholarship and are a welcome addition to the professional brewing scene. We await their first offerings with anticipation [Ed. Note: You're goddamn right we do.]

We also await the expansion of Union Brewing in Baltimore with anticipation. I’m assuming all this new capacity is for Double Duckpin, to be delivered to my front door weekly, right? RIGHT?!!? [Ed. Note: Right.]


We await a 600 seat Dacha Part Deux with far less anticipation, however. It doesn’t appear the neighbors feel much better. [Ed. Note: Dacha: now with more Popville commenters, probably]

While we’re on the topic of things we don’t want, here is a horrendous idea making light of rape accusations against Bill Cosby that was promptly pulled due to the outcry. How can anyone think this is a good idea? [Ed. Note: Owning the means of (cocktail) production does not correlate 100 percent with owning good taste or sense.] 

Charlotte’s Creative Loafing weekly tackled a discussion much discussed in the beer industry lately: diversity. The publication talked to three local black brewers, one of whom grew up in nearby Bel Air, MD, about what it has taken to open their business and appeal to people in their communities. Brewers have, once again, largely dropped the ball on this issue, and the desire for a Black Brewers Association, among other criticisms of mainstream professional brewing, indicates the time may have passed for those trade organizations and businesses to reach out like they should have years ago. Part two delves into how two breweries there look to use hip-hop to attract patrons. [Ed. Note: More of this. So much more of this, please.]

Now that we’ve gotten through the local and the important, it's time to move on to everyone’s favorite Void section: what did AB-InBev do this week? Well, they announced what we all knew: they're coming for your favorite brewery. And everyone takes their money. Even when it's done illegally. If it wasn’t copyrighted, I’d open Eat Arby’s Brewery tomorrow because that’s what we should all be doing.

Brewers are making more blonde ale. Why? Because people are drinking them, even if you aren’t. People aren't drinking seasonals like they used to, though. But just in case you are looking to pick up that new seasonal this summer, it's probably a fruit beer. I’ll let Jeremy Danner have the last word on beer preferences. [Ed. Note: Danner is mostly right here, but quads are trash and everyone can agree on that.]

What's the best beer city in the world? Well guess what, it’s not your city. But you may be living in a good one, according to this data-driven visual. Gonna need more beer to look at that.

How do your measure tartness? Beware, science contained within. You’ll need still more beer. 

Mosul’s first liquor store has opened post Islamic State occupation.

Finally, Bryan Roth brings you this week's IPA long-read. How do you say “INSATIABLE ANIMALS”  in Icelandic?

Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. Have a good vacation, if you get one, but remember, maybe go a little easier than you want. Maybe, just maybe, remember what Memorial Day is supposed to be about. ​