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Hello loyal Void screamers. Let’s get straight to the local stuff.  If you live in Maryland, don’t forget to contact your state senator. Naptown Pint has reported on a bit of a backtrack by Del. Branch on his taking responsibility for the bill and has now called it a team effort. I wonder why that is?

Good news, there will be one more District Draft cart at Nats Park. Bad news, the prices will be “up slightly.” Also if you want an example of how breweries should show their location in the park, here’s one:

As the Craft Brewers Conference returns to Washington, DC for the first time since 2013, it's fun to look back on how far the scene has come. On what would be Michael Jackson’s birthday on March 27th, Beer Hunter looks at his musings on the city from 2003.

Flying Dog promoted Ben Clark to brewmaster.


Tasting Table names each state's best dive bars, always a tough exercise because people that frequent dive bars often disagree with the mere definition of what a dive bar is in these lists. But I think this checks out, since the one named for DC is, in fact, a dive bar by any definition I have heard.

Always a bit of a long shot, it is now confirmed that the Brewers Association is not going to reach its goal of 20% of volume growth by 2020. It was, however, a useful marketing tool. USA Today says acquisitions slowed growth a bit. But don’t expect the overall trend to change any time soon.

It’s KBS season. Porch Drinking has reviewed this year and, wow, it’s good. Who knew? Also, Founders has given the people what they want: more beer for the same price.

New Holland and Pabst are about to achieve their final form.

Farmers in Mexico don't want a Constellation brewery built in Mexicali for lots of reasons, including the concern it will use too much water. Beervana wrote on the country’s burgeoning craft scene.

Be careful taking the bung out of a barrel or end up cleaning beer off your ceiling for weeks.

Brewdog is in the dog house with some people again over an (admittedly valid) legal claim, which they then pulled back. Quick reminder:

The Beer Nut attends an annual Real Ale Festival by a large pub ownership group in Britain. Frankly, I think this is something the US is missing in its market. Stick around for his interesting description of Bud Light’s place in the British market.
Yard House has conducted its annual review of its beer catalogue and has added local taps in some markets.

The insatiable animals demand for hops has managed to give us a bit of a hop surplus. There is never enough.

That’s all for this week and always remember, drink what you like.