By DCBeer contributor Mike Berry

Name: Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

Location: Edwards, CO


Type: Production brewery


Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: The husband and wife duo that founded CMBC turned their backs on fast-paced urban life to show the rest of the world that they’re crazy in love with craft beer. Brewmaster & CEO Kevin Selvy used some homebrewed hype to help get his foot in the door of the beer industry after an Anchor Brewing employee spoke highly of what he had to offer. After spending some time working for a few breweries in California, Kevin and wife Marisa relocated back to Kevin’s homeland of Colorado where they opened up Vail Valley’s first ever production brewery in 2010. Specializing in what many consider quintessential American styles of beer.

Beer #1: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Extral special bitter / 6% ABV)

In Their Own Words: "When our brewmaster was first learning to brew beer, he mentioned to his instructor that he hoped his batch would turn out close to the way it was supposed to taste. The instructor told him, 'Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.' Our American ESB showcases a complex maltiness and unique hop character. Chinook and Amarillo hops coupled with 5 different types of malt make this beer one-of-a-kind. Enjoy this ale when close just won’t cut it."

Food Pairing: Broccoli Rabe and Pancetta Stuffed Mushrooms (Oven roasted mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of broccoli rabe, pancetta, mushrooms and shallot)

Our thoughts: A sturdy malt backbone will latch on to the savory pancetta, and the snappy hop bite should provide harmony with earthy mushroom, though the broccoli rabe may be a bit too aggressive for a style that’s anything but.

Beer #2: Neomexicanus Native (American Pale Ale / 6% ABV)

In Their Own Words: Maybe they’re taking the Black Ops approach to this beer, as a search on the web tells us that it doesn’t exist (excluding 1 solo review of it on Beeradvocate).  We’ve reached out to the brewery for more info and will update accordingly.

Food Pairing: Guinea Hen Confit on Wonton Crisps (Confit of guinea hen served on wonton crisps with pickled watermelon rind and cilantro)

Our thoughts: From what we can tell this beer features a bright hop character with lots of tropical fruit, which would provide a great contrast to the rich saltiness of the confit. Malt will harmonize a bit with fried wonton; the fruity acidity of pickled watermelon rind and zesty herbal character of cilantro should mingle nicely with the hops.

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