By DCBeer contributor Mike Berry

Name: FATE Brewing Company

Location: Boulder, CO


Type: Brewpub


Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: In the growing trend of restaurateurs-turned-brewers, founder and owner Mike Lawinksi spent a decade working for others but wanted something to call his own.  Enter FATE Brewing Company.  Mike hired local brewing legend Jeff Griffith (formerly with Golden City Brewing) to help get his passion-project off the ground. If Mike was going to offer up an innovative dining menu, he needed a brewer that could offer the same in liquid form.  Where a lot of young producers take a while to step outside of the expected styles box (pale ale, IPA, stout, etc), FATE rolls the dice on some historical and experimental offerings as part of their portfolio. How often do you see a roggenbier in a brewer’s core lineup?  Charlie Papazian sang their praises in this article, and if that guy likes the cut of your jib, you’re doing it right.

Beer #1: Barrel Aged Uror Gose (German Sour Wheat / 4.9% ABV)

In Their Own Words: This historic sour German wheat beer is spiced with salt, coriander and aged in Arta Reposado tequila barrels for 6 months. It has a refreshing, tart and lactic character, with a crisp and slightly dry finish. Enjoy subtle warming tequila notes complimented by hints of vanilla, caramel, oak and smoke.

Food Pairing: Brussels Sprout Cups with Miso, Green Apple and Cashew (Tiny Brussels sprout cups filled with apple and sprout slaw tossed with a miso dressing and garnished with cashew)

Our Thoughts: From top to bottom it appears to be a spot-on pairing that should harmonize on several levels. The only ingredient that may not jive are the cashews, though we suppose the salty flavors of the gose could provide a bit of contrast.

Beer #2: Ozo Coffee IPA (American IPA / 7% ABV)

In Their Own Words: This unique beer is defined by its pronounced hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. The addition of single origin Ethiopian coffee adds a distinct and lingering roast finish that compliments the style perfectly.

Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate and Feuilletine (Dense dark chocolate layered with crispy feuilletine and covered in chocolate ganache)

Our Thoughts: Coffee does a great job with dessert on its own, so marrying it with the bitterness of IPA takes the palate-cleansing quality one step further. The beer is the yin to the dessert’s yang, though you will get some harmonizing character between the roasted malts and the chocolate in the dish.

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