By DCBeer contributor Peter Zuk

Name: Copper Kettle Brewing Company

Location: Denver, CO


Type: Production brewery


Available in DC Market: No

What you need to know: This brewery aspires to be a neighborhood local mom and pop brewery making quality beers for the Denver area (They reference the show Cheers).  They seem to lean towards making Belgian and German style beers, but they seem to offer a little bit of everything.

Beer #1: Charlie’s Golden Strong Ale (Belgian Strong Pale Ale / 8% ABV)

In Their Own Words: Delightful Belgian Golden Strong with notes of tropical fruits and a complex spice character.

Food Pairing: Duck Confit (Duck leg very slowly simmered until soft, pulled from the bone and served on a ragout of French lentils.)

Our Thoughts: A rich complex beer should match the weight of the duck confit and should be refreshing enough to keep your palate from being overwhelmed.

Beer #2: Mexican Chocolate Stout (Foreign Export Stout / 7% ABV)

In Their Own Words: Rich black ale with dark roasted malt flavors blended with bittersweet chocolate, our own blend of three Mexican chili peppers and cinnamon.  Inspired by a 500 year old Aztec recipe for Mexican hot chocolate.

Food Pairing: Rich spice cake soaked in cinnamon and fried French toast style.

Our Thoughts: This beer won the 2011 Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Fest for the Herb and Spice Category.  This beer should be a nice balance of sweet, spicy and chocolate, which should blend with the flavors of the cake to enhance the cinnamon present in both the beer and the cake.  

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