By DCBeer Contributor Peter Zuk.

Name: Atlas Brew Works

Location: Washington D.C.


Type: Production brewery


Available in DC Market: Yes

What you need to know: Atlas Brew Works opened its doors in September 2013 and has really become a big part of the DC craft beer community.  They make some very complex drinkable beers and even brew a beer exclusively for the Washington Nationals.

Beer #1:  District Common (California Common / 5.1% ABV)

In Their Own Words: Inspired by the beers that accompanied America's expansion into the West, District Common is fermented using a lager yeast at temperatures common to ale fermentation. The result is a pale, well-balanced beer combining crisp lager character with fruity ale notes. The clean grain bill provides a refreshing drinkability and supports late aroma and dry hop additions of Czech Saaz hops. Pair with locally harvested oysters or roast pork medallions. This is no common beer!

Food Pairing: Grilled duck sausage served with crimson cherry chutney.

Our Thoughts: The crispness of this beer should really help brighten the heavy flavors of the sausage and the fruity notes from the yeast might combine well with chutney.

Beer #2:  Rowdy (Rye Beer / 6.2% ABV)

In Their Own Words: Made with three varieties of hops and a generous amount of specialty malts, Rowdy offers a complex flavor and aroma that is both aggressive and fun. The addition of malted rye to the grain bill lends a peppery and distinct character to the beer which complements the bitterness and floral notes of brewhouse hop additions. Finally, this copper-hued ale receives a liberal addition of dry hops in the fermenting vessel, imparting citrus aromas and a crisp, clean finish.

Food Pairing: Quail legs basted with olive oil, roasted thyme and cracked black pepper.

Our Thoughts: This pairing will do well to enhance the flavors of the quail but should be crisp enough to cleanse the palate to not be overwhelming.

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