Name: Green Flash Brewing

Location: San Diego, CA


Type: Production brewery

Available in DC Market: Yes


What you need to know: Founded in 2002, Green Flash has quickly become an integral part of the San Diego beer scene, and a must-try for hopheads. A new brewing facility, which opened in 2011, allowed them to increase production from 14,000 barrels in 2010 to 35,000, second in output to Stone in San Diego County. In my estimation, Rayon Vert is one of the most underrated beers in America along with Dogfish Head Indian Brown. Oh, if you like really balanced beers in styles like mild, bitter, etc. then Green Flash isn't for you.

Beer #1: Flanders Drive (Flanders red ale / 6.9%)

In Their Own Words: "I had been working on a very specific barrel aged beer concept for a couple years when Green Flash found its new home on Mira Mesa Blvd and Flanders Drive and I thought to myself out loud, ”How fortuitous?”  The barrel aged beer that I had been researching and developing was Flanders-style Red Ale so I instantly thought to name this new beer after our new cross street, Flanders Drive (Sour Red Ale).  The making of the beer uses brewers yeast, brettanomyces and lactic acid producing bacteria (lactobacillus & pediococcus) adding tartness to the malty sweet base that includes Munich Malt and Special B for a good malt backbone.  We’ve been waiting for over a year for the beer to develop in oak barrels as the sourness increased and the wood added more depth and complexity.  The beer is brownish-red with off-white beer foam.  Aromas and flavors of sour cherries and dark fruit abound with subtle malt richness in the background for a full and rewarding sour ale.  This very limited, rare beer is an extra special treat from Green Flash to commemorate 10 years of innovative brewing in the San Diego community. – Chuck Silva"

Food Pairing: Pork belly brioche (Toasted brioche topped with pork belly braised in orange and cinnamon. Served with cabbage, radish and apple slaw.)

Our Thoughts: The 10 year anniversary beer from a brewer of the caliber of Chuck Silva isn't to be missed. This has the potential to be a real crowd favorite at SAVOR. Let's face it, sours tend to be, and Green Flash is bringing two of them. This is especially true when you have what is basically a bacon bao being served for food. Get there early.

Beer #2: Little Freak (Saison / 4.5%)

In Their Own Words: The San Diego Examiner helps us out with this description: "Little Freak, the star of the show, is a red wine barrel-aged saison with brettanomyces added for some extra funkiness. The traditional Belgian farmhouse ale benefitted from the red wine barrels, which added some complexity in flavor and aroma. There’s just enough of that funky flavor and scent to let you know that the "brett" did its thing."

Food Pairing: Salmon ceviche (Chilled, lime-marinated salmon ceviche served with crème fraiche.)

Our Thoughts: Yes. Want. Get out of the way so I can have more of this. Green Flash may put its sour program on the national map at this SAVOR. The idea of a small, funky saisn with creme fraiche and lime…wow. Yes.

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