Last weekend I was talking with a friend who has a completely different set of political beliefs than mine. Despite our bitter differences, we saw eye to eye on one thing: a promotion shouldn't be an incentive for improvement, a promotion should be a reward. To this extent DCBeer and Maple Ave Restaurant are rewarding themselves. While neither DCBeer nor Maple Ave Restaurant is getting a promotion per se (though we did just get a new site) we are promoting one another by calling attention to the two things we each do best: calling attention to local beer and calling attention to local food.

If you're a DCBeer reader, you are likely aware of the information we like to drop. If you're a DMV diner interested in locally sourced food, there's no doubt Maple Ave is on your radar. You may have even dined at their restuarant in Vienna, or at their food truck around Virginia.

Chef/Owner Tim Ma will prepare 6 courses based on street food from around the world. DCBeer Editor Chris Van Orden and Staff Writer Mike Stein will walk you through the flavor profile and history of each beer.

Dinner will be on Wednesday, September 26 at 7pm (3 seats left!). Six courses, six beers $59pp, gratuity and sales not included. We hope you can join us.  For reservations please call 703.319.2177 or click here.

Course 1: sliced Argentinean sausage, smoked creme fraiche, chimichurri sauce
Paired with Lost Rhino RhinO'fest Märzen


Course 2: steamed bronzini filet, seasonal Tuscarora vegetables, foil steaming pouch
Paired with DCBrau Citizen Belgian Pale

Course 3: beer braised beef cheek tacos, tomatillo salsa, housemade tortilla
Paired with local IPA*

Course 4: seared chicken liver and gizzards, cucumber tamarind salad
Paired with Victory Prima Pils

Course 5: churros, bittersweet chocolate sauce
Paired with Port City Porter

Course 6: chef’s choice dessert
Paired with Evolution Jacques Au Lantern

*IPA will either be Williamsburg Alewerks' Drake Tail IPA or Port City's Monumental IPA