DC Beer Week 2012 will take place from August 12-18. DCBeer is your spot to find the most comprehensive listing of DC Beer Week events. Some venues stack the DCBW line-up with events every day of the week. Rather than do individual posts on all of these venues’ events, we’re presenting individual posts for this handful of venues. Here is ChurchKey’s line-up, including full draft lists, straight from the mouth of Beer Director Greg Engert.

Monday, August 13, 6 PM: The Debut of Solidarity Saison!
The Official DC Beer Week Craft Beer Blend of 7 Locally-Brewed Saisons Crafted Specially for DC Beer Week + Rarities from the Brewers of Solidarity Saison: 3 Stars, DC Brau, Mad Fox, District Chophouse, Capital City, Gordon Biersch & Chocolate City!

To celebrate DC Beer Week, 6 of our local craft brewers have each concocted their very own Saison and blended them all for a mother brew called Solidarity Saison…

ChurchKey will be the first spot in DC to pour this delicious elixir! Come out to taste the 1st ever beer brewed AND blended just for DC Beer Week…and stick around to taste a host of additional brews provided by the participating brewers!

Tuesday, August 14; 6 PM: Huge Smuttynose Draft & Cask Takeover + Meet Master Brewer Dave Yarrington! Almost 20 Different Smutty Brews!

Our old friend, and Smuttynose Master Brewer, Dave Yarrington, is coming to town for this big event that will feature almost 20 offerings from Smuttynose on draft & on cask!

Come say hello to Dave, and taste some fresh Pumpkin Ale on Cask (dry-hopped w/ some Celia Hops!), compare Homunculus on draft and on cask (w/ Amarillo Hops in the firkin!), note the nuanced evolution of Wheat Wine by tasting the 2012 and 2007 vintages side-by-side, and enjoy the newest Short Batch Brew–Rye IPA–as well as the very first–The Gnome–vintage-aged since 2007 (and the beer that evolved into Homunculus)!

The Full Smuttynose Draft & Cask List:
Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale (Celia Hops in the Cask)
Smuttynose IPA “Finest Kind” (Amarillo Hops in the Cask)
Smuttynose IPA “Finest Kind” (Saphir Hops in the Cask)
Smuttynose Homunculus (Amarillo Hops in the Cask)

Smuttynose Short Batch #15 Rye IPA
Smuttynose Wheat Wine 2012
Smuttynose Wheat Wine 2007
Smuttynose Short Batch #1 The Gnome
Smutynose Homunculus
Smuttynose IPA “Finest Kind”
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale
Smuttynose Star Island Single
Smuttynose Robust Porter
Smuttynose Summer Ale
Smuttynose Winter Ale
Smuttynose Vunderbar

Wednesday, August 15; 6 PM: Debut of Bluejacket & Brewer’s Art Collaboration Brew: Honeysuckle Rose + Brewer’s Art Goodies to Boot!

Our 6th Bluejacket collaboration is ready to roll…and it is tasty! Composed w/ local craft beer legends, The Brewer’s Art, we’ve crafted a beautiful Biere de Garde spiced w/ Hibiscus, Rose & Honeysuckle! As if this debut is not enough, The Brewer’s Art is sending a coterie of craft goodies to pour alongside “Honeysuckle Rose”, including a couple of their amazing Saisons! Don’t miss this!

The Bluejacket & Brewer’s Art Draft List!
Bluejacket & The Brewer’s Art Honeysuckle Rose
The Brewer’s Art Resurrection
The Brewer’s Art Ozzy
The Brewer’s Art Saison de l’Ombres
The Brewer’s Art Saison de Mystères
The Brewer’s Art Gruit Ale

Thursday, August 16; 6 PM: A Rollicking Review Maine Craft Brewing! Unique & Exciting Ales from Maine Beer Company, Rising Tide, Allagash & Oxbow!

The state of Maine has always seemed to be a place where great craft beer is brewed…

Allagash Brewing Company has been among the finest producers anywhere for over 15 years, and a host of newcomers have joined the scene of late, and are continuing the craft-brewed excellence the state of Maine seems to guarantee. In addition to outstanding rarities from Allagash, we will also be pouring phenomenal ales from a brewery that’s begun making waves in these parts, Oxbow Brewing Company, a brewery hardly ever seen in DC, Maine Beer Company, as well as a brewery whose beers have NEVER before been poured in the District: Rising Tide! In addition to some crazy rare beers like Allagash Avance (Four aged in oak barrels on strawberries) and Jim Bean (Curieux w/ Coffee), we will have some crazy collaborations, like Prince Tuesday (Allagash, Maine Beer & Rising Tide) as well as Time #1 (Lawson’s Finest Liquids & Maine Beer)…and much much more!

The Full Maine Craft Brewers Night List:
Maine Beer Company & Rising Tide & Allagash Prince Tuesday (Poured from Bottles)
Lawson’s Finest Liquids & Maine Beer Company Time #1 (Poured from Bottles)
Maine Beer Company Peeper (Poured from Bottles)
Maine Beer Company Zoe (Poured from Bottles)

Maine Beer Company Mean Old Tom (Poured from Bottles)

Rising Tide Daymark Pale Ale (Draft)
Rising Tide Zephyr IPA (Poured from Bottles)
Allagash Avance (Draft)
Allagash Jim Bean (Draft)
Allagash Bourbon Black (Draft)
Allagash Confluence 2012 (Draft)
Allagash White (Draft)
Allagash Black (Draft)
Allagash Dubbel (Draft)
Allagash Tripel (Draft)
Allagash Four (Draft)
Allagash Curieux (Draft)
Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale (Draft)
Oxbow Space Cowboy (Draft)
Oxbow Freestyle 7 (Draft)
Oxbow Funkhouse Ale (Cask)

Friday, August 17; 6 PM: Bluejacket & DC Brau Collaboration Brew Debut “Embers of Deceased” + DC Brau Rarities on Cask & on Draft!

We have been long-anticipating our first collaboration with DC’s 1st production brewery in 55 years, DC Brau, and we are psyched to announce that the Bluejacket/ DC Brau brew will be poured for the very 1st time during the 4th annual DC Beer Week!

This is our take on a long-forgotten style, Grodziskie-Gratzer, a low abv, smoked wheat ale with a strong hop presence…dutifully called Embers of the Deceased, or–in German if you like–“Asche des Verstrobenen”!

In addition, 16 more DC Brau drafts and casks will flow, including such rarities as Sour Barrel Aged Burial at Sea and Oak Aged The Stone of Arbroath!

The List:
Bluejacket & DC Brau “Embers of the Deceased” Asche des Verstrobenen (Draft & Cask)

DC Brau Sour Barrel Aged Burial at Sea (Draft)
DC Brau Oak Aged Hell’s Bottom (Draft)
DC Brau Hell’s Bottom (Draft)
DC Brau Oak Aged The Stone of Arbroath (Draft)
DC Brau The Stone of Arbroath (Draft)
DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter (Draft)

DC Brau Your Favorite Foreign Movie (Draft)
DC Brau Ground Wolf (Draft)
DC Brau The Public (Draft)
DC Brau The Citizen (Draft)
DC Brau The Corruption (Draft)
4 DC Brau Casks (Styles TBD!)

Saturday, August 18; 12 PM: The Final Act: Finish off DC Beer Week with Rare Bell’s Drafts!

We love Bell’s Brewery…and got our mitts on some silly scarce brews from them and figured that there would really be no other way to finish off DC Beer Week…

So starting at noon, we will unleash a bunch of Bell’s brews, including some hardly ever seen outside of Michigan! We are tapping kegs of La Batteur, the 1st in a series of takes on the Biere de Garde style, Wedding Ale, a strong honey wheat, and Roundhouse, an Imperial Red Ale!

The Full List:
Bell’s La Batteur
Bell’s Wedding Ale
Bell’s Roundhouse
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
Bell’s Amber Ale
Bell’s Pale Ale
Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout
Bell’s Oarsmen Ale
Bell’s Lager of the Lakes